#26 The beauty of surrender (and wtf that actually means)

Abundant Babe,

I am so excited to be checking in with you again, especially now that I am a little more settled in Berlin. The journey of selling all of my things to travel the world and moving countries with only carry-on, has been (in my perspective) a beautiful one… it flowed, things worked out better than expected, we had fun, and I’m as happy as bat with a banana (for reference, they’re very happy, see for yourself here).

However, none of this would have been as easy if it wasn’t for the fact I had complete TRUST that it would all work out, and I surrendered my control of the situation over the the divine energies at play.

In this episode I tell a bit about my story the past couple of years, and how surrender has been one of the keys to creating alignment in flow. And yes, I talk about wtf surrender actually is (something I was confused on for years)… it’s one of those concepts like “once you know you know”.

I so look forward to hearing your thoughts and connecting more. If you’d like to get in touch, like mentioned in the episode, you can reach me at @violahug on everything, and join my free FB group here.

With love, until next week,

V xx

PS – This week I had a couple of technical difficulties so the sound may not be perfect, apologies in advance and thanks for being cool about it 😉 xo

Viola Hug

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