#28 Mind over money – cuppa with Christine Lane

This episode talk about one of my FAVE topics, money.

We’ve covered the topic of money and abundance on the show before, but this week I brought on financial coach Christine Lane (Mind over Money) to talk us through the more practical aspects of money.

I love Christine’s approach because she utilises both her masters in psychology and her years of work in the corporate financial world to offer an insight into how we can shift our relationship with finances and cultivate a positive relationship with money – yes, even including the spreadsheets!

She also has a deep understanding of the universe and the energetic aspects of money, which is such perfect. Her approach is amazing, and I have no doubt every abundant babe will take value from this episode.

Check out Christine on Facebook or over on her website.

Until next week,

V xx

Viola Hug

I help visionaries monetize their passions, experience abundance, and manifest err'thing they want. ♡

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