Here’s the deal. People are always going on about “achieving your dream life, do what you love, yadda yadda,” but it’s like… “okay, cool, what about like bills and real life” #amirite.

I was once caught in this predicament too, but I bet you, just like me, have this feeling there must be a way for you to move past these societal norms and start REALLY living life. It’s this calling, this yearning, and you just have to follow it. I literally used to look up coaches and bloggers (before that was really a thing) and think “how the eff do they make money and travel and enjoy life so much.” And it’s no surprise I was pretty clueless, as how to be happy, healthy and wealthy is something they seem to have forgotten to teach us in school (#triggered by the school system).

Well guess what, I figured it out! And by what can only be described as divine intervention. I was presented with an opportunity, my mind was like ??? and my heart was like !!! So, naturally, I dove in head first into the fountain that just kept on giving – more personal growth, income opportunties, and freedom. None of the things I am doing now I ever thought would be my reality, mostly because I hadn’t yet realized, it’s the 21st century, you can literally create and do anything you want – as long as you’re brave enough.

And guess what else!


This is a calling out to the visionaries, the ambitious, those of you out there who have been looking for your opportunity. You may already have some ideas of what you would like to create, starting with whatever the heck you feel like doing today.  

Let’s be real, you’re SO ready for more alignment and opportunity in your life, and most of all, a vehicle to make it all happen. Here’s what I have to offer you.

Let’s be real, you’re SO ready for more alignment and opportunity in your life, and most of all, a vehicle to make it all happen. Here’s what I have to offer you.

  • 10-week Masterclass course teaching you business skills and mindset shifts to create real opportunity in the 21st century from anywhere in the world
  • Exclusive one-on-one weekly mentoring and coaching with ME for 10 weeks, plus additional group support and mentorship with me (and others) fo’lyf!
  • Personal development series to take your mindset from where you are now, to where you need to be to manifest your dream life
  • A vehicle and opportunity for you to start earning additional income and learn how to make residual income (which means it’s an income that keeps paying you even when you stop working #madeit)
  • An online business set up that makes you eligible for tax breaks straight away (did you know taxes our actually our biggest expense and owning a business is a legal way to pay less tax)!
  • Learn more about turning your gifts into an income stream and how to effectively brand yourself online
  • Personalized health program for you to feel your absolute best and most vibrant self so you have the energy to create and enjoy your goals and life
  • A global community of badass visionary boss babes and driven dudes to support you and cross promote you along your journey [probably my favorite aspect] – including weekly high level mentorship and daily guidance
  • Loads more resources as your fingertips

And here’s the kicker. Work with me AND get a plug-and-play system to get you on track with all of your life goals and desires for a small investment of 1000 USD with payment plans available.

Are you ready?

This IS for you if:

  • Ready to learn
  • Want to up your biz savvy
  • Want to diversify your income
  • Crave a passive + residual income

This IS NOT for you if:

  • You're not open to learning new things
  • You don't love supportive communities
  • You aren't interested in holistic wellness
  • Don't want to create another income

Book in for a virtual tea date with me now. You will be sent a quick 30 minute collaboration video to watch prior to our chat, where we will have a quick chat about your goals and health needs and get your personal start up sorted on the spot, or depending on your situation send you some additional info and discuss one of the flexible payment plans available.

Different options are available for this program, with pricing going up to 1000 USD.

At times in life we are at a crossroads (cue the cheese, but also, it’s true so I am going there anyway), we feel our heart pounding with excitement, and our mind is coming up with beautiful visions of what our life would look like if we followed through with these things. And then about 5 seconds later the doubt kicks in. Our little inner critic that tries to convince us we are not capable. Haha YES I do know what is going on it your head, #weveallbeenthere! But let me tell you something I know for sure. We cannot imagine things for ourselves that are not within our realm of possibility and capability. The reason we feel excited is because that part of us that knows our true potential wants to trigger you to make the right decision. And then fear, doubt (that boring shit), gets activated after 5 seconds #why. But these fears are not our truth. They are representations of the limiting beliefs and conditioning that have kept us where we are for far too long. 

Don’t wait too long to make a decision. Don’t be scared off if your decision takes longer than five seconds and those low vibes thoughts try to cloud your judgement. EVERYONE goes through it. But right now, it is up to YOU who you listen to. 

With love and so much belief in your potentiality,

V x

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