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Holistic Nutrition Alignment

6-week program

Welcome beautiful!

I know you’ve been called to this program because you’re totally obsessed with being the best version of yourself in every area. You strive to grow and you know you have so much goodness to share with the world.

This is more than a nutrition program. This is more than another fad diet. This is about alignment. Aligning your physical being with the vibration of your goals and desires, so you can experience what it feels like to have vibrant health and manifest with grace and ease. It is designed to empower you to have a full understanding of what it takes to achieve optimal health, and to know the truth so you can read through the noise of the web of info out there. It’s so you have an understanding of the truth and experience life in a whole new level. And I am so excited to be on this journey with you!

This is the program where science + spiritual health come together.

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I so know you believe this to be true: everything in life is meant to flooooow like a beautiful river, so sure of its path, and consistently shifting and changing as it needs.

Then how come sometimes you can be doing all of the right things and those things your manifesting still feel flipping miles away? How come some days getting out of bed seems like the greatest achievement you can handle. Or why are you getting these mental blocks that are TOTALLY crampin’ yo style and slowing down the flow of divine guidance and inspired action.

Babe, it's all about your VIBRATION!

When your vibe is low, it leaves you energetically and physically dull and drained. And no manifesting magic can take place in a space like that. No amount of incense, crystals, oils, or affirmations can fix it if your PHYSICAL being is undernourished.

I mean, think about it. We are infinite souls having a human experience.

And we chose our physical being as the vessel to take us to our infinite potential.

Here’s a quick science session (from a self-proclaimed science nerd… me #BSc #DatMe). We have 50-100 TRILLION cells in our body, each of those cells needing optimal nutrition on a daily basis to do all of the amazing things they do – like digest our food, make our happy hormones, keep our heart beating – you know, those “keeping-us-alive” things they do. 

If you were to look are how much a TRILLION actually is – here’s a little example to put it into perspective for you:

1 million seconds ago
was 12 days ago

1 billion seconds ago
was 32 years ago

1 trillion seconds ago
was 32 thousand years ago

Let me repeat: we have 50-100 TRILLION cells in our bodies.
All needing love and optimal nutrition daily.

Now our trillions of cells do all the “keep us alive” things without us having to even think about it. Whether or not we have had a good day, and even when we haven’t provided our cells with what they need, they find a way to make it work.

And the fact is for the majority of the population, our cells are living in scarcity and survival mode.

(Possibly an indicator to the experience people have in life… right thought)?! Our cells are doing the most they can with the few nutrients they receive, to try to keep us as healthy as possible. When there are so few nutrients available, they have to prioritize. This means some parts of our body become less important – cue joint issues, allergies, bloating, headaches, skin conditions, and all sorts of common – but not normal – issues seen wildly spread in todays world. And to clarify, even if you are eating organic, local produce, having your water, meditating, and the whole shebang – chances are you still have major gaps between “good health” and “optimal health”.

Did you know you are actually designed to feel AMAZING 100% of the time?

We just haven’t been providing our bodies with the tools it needs to do that.

Here’s the exciting part. Changing the way you eat and physically treat your body is something you can change right now.

When your physical being aligns with your highest vibration:

"Viola’s You Glow Girl Program is life changing and so much fun! It awakened in me a passion for nutrition and movement and learning more about them both! She gave us tips and tricks to implement each week and as a result I am sleeping better, have more energy and focus, and my body is feeling lighter and more physically healthy. I now have healthy eating and exercise habits that I will continue for life. Thanks V! I highly recommend her, it’s an incredible value for what you get and no one else out there has this info available in one program."
- Karla Anne, usa
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Hey girl, I’m V. 

My life mission of helping babes like you live the most epic, abundant, joyful, and fulfilling life was built on the foundation of understanding and appreciating TRUE and OPTIMAL health.

My story started with me losing my father to a lifestyle disease when I was only 16 years old. That led to over a decade of learning and working in health – with my core mission being to keep myself and the ones I love as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Now, I have the privilege to share this all with you.

You can read more about my story and me tooting my own horn a little (rightfully so I may add haha) over here.

Okay - let's get into it...
What is this 6 week group coaching"You Glow Girl: Holistic Nutrition Alignment" all about?

I designed this program with the soulful biz babe in mind. The girl who has a massive vision, and knows she has many things to do in life. Because I know – you’re going to need all the time in this life you can get to enjoy it to its fullest and create everything you’re inspired to do… how exciting is that!  

This program is for the girl who doesn’t settle. She always expects the best from herself and what she throws herself into. She’s already pretty aware and active with her health, but knows it’s not yet optimal. There are a few habits she would like to shift, and an increase in energy levels would mean everything to her. She’s a go-getter, an action taker, and she’s ready to up-level everything in her life by creating an ULRTA-loving and nurturing relationship with her physical being.

Whether you’re wanting to shift everything thing about your health, or you’re already doing great with your health and just ready to take yourself to the next level – this program will offer MASSIVE value.

Sound like you?

You Glow Girl: Holistic Nutrition Alignment

Here's how the program works:

Facebook community

Join our members community with other likeminded You Glow Girl babes, to keep you on track and support you on your journey.

6 week program

All content is designed to go through over a 6 week period. All material is recorded and can be done in your own time as well.

Video + Support

Every module contains a video training recorded by me personally, as well as additional support for personalized questions in the FB group.

Biochem 101-101, Anatomy, Cellular Nutrition, Gut health, Our foundation to optimal health, A new level of self love

How language impacts our health, Self sabotage + limiting beliefs, Our conditioning, Emotional attachments, Psychology of habit & cravings

Impact of stress, GMO + pesticide link to allergies and digestive issues, Gluten, Dairy, Sugar, Alcohol + substance

Energy of food, Karma cycle, Effect on Mama Earth, ethics, and health, Getting protein, B12, and finding substitutes, What’s the deal with soy

How energy production works, Science of how to world has changed, Why we need supplements and understanding the industry, 7 planes of existence and how they impact our health, Healing with the mind, Human Design & eating habits

Lymph system + drainage, Emotion + motion link, Chakra + physical energy, Understanding the impact of different movements on the body, Power of stillness – meditation

During those six weeks, here is what we will cover:

  • Gut health - our foundation to optimal living
  • Plant based eating and nutrition - how to raise your vibe, get healthier, and save the planet all at once
  • Supplementation - why we need them, understanding the industry, and achieving optimal nutrition
  • Energy levels - making sure your body is optimized for ultimate energy production
  • Mindset + food - creating habits that stick
  • Triggers and toxins - how to become aware and release potentially damaging substances from your high vibe body
  • Metaphysical wellbeing - how our thoughts and daily practices impact our health
  • Aligned physical movement - motion creates emotion
  • The perfect combo of legit science and woo-woo!

Every goddess who is ready to embrace her health for the 6 weeks will be added to a sacred Facebook community group. This group will offer a space of support and sharing for everyone in the group, and I will also be available to individually answer questions for you.

Every week a module will be released for you to watch in your own time, which will offer training on the topics above and I’ll personally be there to support you all in the Facebook  community group. 

If you're interested in joining the program - make sure you're 100% in it.

This is for the girl who is SERIOUS about health. Who is ready to align her physical vibration. And is willing to make her health her most important investment.

"You Glow Girl has been the most transforming and eye opening coaching program I have ever been apart of. Viola’s knowledge about holistic nutritional health and how our bodies work is absolutely incredible, she is so informative and explains everything so well. From my time in YGG, I was able to kick all my sweet tooth cravings and pick healthier options, I gave up all processed fake vegan meats and cheeses, my skin cleared up, I have so much more energy and so much more! Viola really gave me absolutely everything I needed to understand how crucial our health is and how to obtain optimal health for life, I could not recommend this program enough to anyone that is looking to gain a better understanding of nutrition and is generally looking to improve their health so that you can glow from the inside out!"
- Jessica Ellen, AU

Enrolments CLOSED!

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Currently there are no plans to re-launch, however that can change with enough interest 🙂 xo

Get in touch if you have any questions xo

"I can’t recommend the You Glow Girl Program Highly enough. I started my health journey at the start of 2018 when a Bowen and EFT specialist recommended I remove dairy from my life. I had already received a message intuitively to cut Alcohol as well. This catapulted a whole series of new levels of awareness. When Viola advertised the program I was immediately drawn to it. Being a person who works predominantly from an intuitive space I knew better than to go against my guidance. Boy oh boy! I was not disappointed! I admire V so much. She is filled with so much credible knowledge and awareness and she really walks her talk. I 100 percent trust her knowledge because I know that she goes to extreme lengths to make sure that what she is saying is credible. There are so many nutritionists out there who simply Parrot what they hear and don’t really look into the facts. Viola is well researched, abundantly knowledgeable, super responsive and has a wicked sense of humour and energy that she brings to everything she does. In this short six week period I have seen dramatic changes in my body and energy levels. I am genuinely craving healthy foods because of the education I have received around their benefits. In the past I have resisted these changes because of a lack of information as to the real “why”. Viola’s information is so juicy and fresh and completely radicalised the way I shop and eat. She has also inspired me to get back into really loving and honouring my body and I am in the process of signing up to body awareness classes and I have started my Yoga practice again. If you’re disconnected from your Body, struggling with Yo-Yo dieting and sick of Parroted information this is the program to go for. You won’t be let down."
- HAnnah joy, nz

As with any business and program, your results may vary, and will be based on your individual capacity, experience, expertise, and level of desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of happiness and success you may experience. The testimonials and examples used do not guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.

The advice and information offered in You Glow Girl with Viola Hug is based exclusively on Viola’s impressions, research, and experiences. She makes no promises regarding the accuracy, relevance and quality of the information and the process used in her work. She is not a medical practitioner. She offers her clients a nutritional, spiritual, metaphysical and holistic training approach to self-healing and self-empowerment.

It is a condition of working with Viola Hug that you exercise your own personal authority. Your choice to act on any of the information provided in the session is solely your responsibility. By choosing to enroll in You Glow Girl, you confirm your understanding that Viola Hug does not claim to heal or treat your physical, mental or psychological conditions. She simply offers education, nutritional suggestions, physical modalities, health and spiritual guidance to empower people to experience and access their optimal selves.