#103 Doing whatever it takes – Mandy Perry

She made $390 and went global year 1 with no ads, no funnels or networks and the business has made $1.7 million in 3 years. Mandy now empowers thousands of women entrepreneurs around the world to embody this same truth and set themselves free.

She’s 100% dedicated to helping soulful women entrepreneurs release unsupportive behavior patterns, heal their body, mind and spirit and find clarity on what’s keeping them stuck so they can take brave steps to be who they truly are and live their dreams.

With a unique combination of deep honesty, fierce love and zero judgment, Mandy truly SEES, loves and accepts these women and shows them how to rise up to their highest purpose and potential.

And the results speak for themselves… Mandy’s clients have paid off their debt, achieved financial freedom, traveled the world and created transformations and healing for their clients.
These women are living proof that when you commit with your heart and soul, when you finally give yourself permission to play a big game and say, ‘No more B.S. I’m ALL in!”

Other media: You can learn more about Mandy here: https://www.mandyperry.comAnd on social media at @msmandyperry  FREEBIE: STOP SCREWING AROUND AND BE THE WOMAN YOU WERE BORN TO BE  https://www.mandyperry.com/stop-screwing-around/

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