#11 Managing energy + the big 3 in goal setting – cuppa with Christa Realba

One of the biggest issues I feel 21st century entrepreneurs face is how to effectively manage their energy so they show up as their best selves in every area of life.

You know, the entrepreneur, partner/wife/girlfriend, best friend, acquaintance, animal Mom, actual Mom, social media guru, mentor, coaching, marketer, professional tea drinker… you name it! Showing up as your best self in all areas requires you to know how to manage your energy. Seriously.

When I look around at people who are acing it in this department, I immediately think of my friend and business mentor, who is a Mom of 2, a wife, a leader in health and wellness, and an international business coach – Christa Realba.

During episode of 11 of the Abundant Babes podcast we look at applicable tactics you can use to manage your energy effectively, as well the “big 3” in goal setting. Knowing this will make sure you are already aligned with your highest vision in all of your actions and plans, and therefore can better allocate your “energy credits”.

I absolutely loved chatting with Christa, who is so fun, friendly, and loving. I know you too will love her vibe. Find her on Instagram or Facebook, or link directly to her website.

I would LOVE to hear from you, what are your BIG 3 goals, comment below, leave a review, or send me a DM on Insta or FB! You can always share more about your experience with the podcast over on my free Facebook community group as well.

Until next week, with love,

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