#12 Defining success on your own terms – cuppa with Tanya Carr-Smith

What is your definition of success?

No YOUR definition? With no one else’s input. Just straight up, authentically – what do you define success to be.

On our journey in life, many people fall into the trap of thinking their goals are actually their own… you know the good grades, the education, job, marriage, house, kids… retire 40 years later… But if you’re being 100% honest with yourself, does that really set a fire in your soul and fully excite you?

We are seeing so many people impacted by the pressures of falling into line with all of the goals society have conditioned us to believe we want. This is causing an epidemic of people striving for goals they hope will fulfil them, only to one day wake up full of resentment and “should haves”.

So let’s get clear on what it is YOU actually want. What your goals are. What your definition to success is.

In this episode I interview Yoga & Wellbeing Coach, Tanya Carr-Smith. She takes use through how to re-look at our values, assess our goals, and get clarity around what we define as success.

Listen in and let is know – what is your definition of success? Either comment below, email me, DM me on my socials, or get involved in my community group.

If you want to connect with Tanya, find her on Facebook here.

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