#129 Self Acceptance, Sobriety, & Being a Mama in Business – Mala Kennedy

Mala coaches women to master their SELF.  Self-care.  Self-love.  Self-actualisation.  She works with your language, emotions, and body and their relationship to the self to facilitate lasting shifts in your life.  Mala is a life coach, writer, podcaster, mama, and spiritual soul seeker.  She is on a mission to help women prioritise self-care and self-acceptance. To ensure they give themselves permission to always be their authentic self and speak their truth so they can experience joy in all areas of their lives.  Mala was adopted by an Australian family from Sri Lanka and grew up feeling caught between two worlds, as she grew up she developed vitiligo which propelled her headfirst into a journey of self-acceptance and led her to sobriety. She is trained in ontological coaching which integrates language, emotions, and body and uses this practical approach in partnership with intuition, mindset, and spirituality to support her clients.  She also is the host of the podcast Elevate Your Life and Soul where she share stories, insights and mentoring as well as interviews with other inspiring leaders.  She runs online programs, including her 21-day program The Self-Care Experience, offers private coaching, hosts a free Facebook Group for women, and is about to launch her new membership, The Self-Love Experience.

After living in 3 states, selling her house and travelling to 13 countries in two and a half years she is now settled in Margaret River, Western Australia with her partner and their two little ones, although more travel is definitely on the horizon.

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