#138 Mission for More – experience deeper purpose and intuition – Conny Hug

Conny is a healer and leads others through intuitive wellness and life coaching to their next level in life. She has embraced her passion to create more all her life, and travelled the world with and without her 3 children and husband for many years. As the main income earner, she worked as a registered nurse in many countries and health-care settings. After losing her husband through terminal cancer, she embarking of a self-development journey at age 50. The medical world was restricting and her purpose was much bigger than what she was allowed to apply there. Conny integrated all the information necessary to heal from her own wounds, doubts, fears and worries, and replace this with empowering beliefs of wellness and feelings of trust, bliss, happiness and abundance. Trusting her intuition more and following her heart, she created an online space as a spiritual, online entrepreneur. For over a year now, Conny has been coaching  women by aligning with their most vibrant physical health, empowering mindset, & soul connection. 

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Viola Hug

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