#14 Attract abundance from a place of pleasure – cuppa with Aislinn Walton

Let’s talk about attracting abundance from a place of pleasure.

After all, when we experience pleasure we tap into an energy and vibration that attracts only the best to us. We are meant to experience pleasure in all things we doing, finding fun, joy and abundance along the way.

On today’s episode, I spoke with the INCREDIBLE babe, Aislinn Walton, who is a High Level Coach for Visionary Soulpreneurs and an expert of experiencing abundance from a place of pleasure. It was so awesome getting some dialogue going about this, as it is definitely something that needs to be talked about more.

When we are out of alignment, we don’t feel as much joy and pleasure, which I am sure so many people can relate too. When you’re stuck in a job, place or relationship that doesn’t serve you, it just feels stagnant and boring. We discussed ways you can reverse engineer that energy starting with pleasure, and taking inspired action towards what feels good to you.

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