#148 Holistic health and manifestation – Justine Colbert

Born and raised in Los Angeles, she always had a passion for food, cooking and the arts. Though raised a healthier typical American household, she struggled with chronic eczema since infancy. Before going to college in NY she thought about going to med school as it was something she felt drawn to healing and helping people but felt the western medicine realm wasnt for her. In her early twenties she was diagnosed with a very rare condition among other chronic illnesses that began an even deeper journey to and mission to heal herself. Diving into many philosphies and research from top specialists, to nutrition, alternative medicine, healing modalities she finally began getting to the root causes and changed her lifesytle, she drastically improved her health and developed an integrative and holistic approah. She now offers holisiitc health sessions helping people heal from an array of conditions and feels its her mission to help others improve their quality of life not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually!

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