#15 Love yourself Sober – cuppa with Libby Wallace

Who really are you?

How do you have fun? What is it like to truly connect with others? Do you allow yourself to let go and enjoy yourself? And can you do it all sober?

As many of you who haven’t followed my journey know I am what’s known as a teetotaller (one who chooses tea over alcohol – lol), and have been sober for 894 days now! It was a decision I made as a part of my ever evolving health journey back in 2016. As the universe would have it, around the same time a party-girl I did not yet know made the courageous decision to give up drinking because of its interference with her life.

And at the start of 2018 I met Libby, a vivacious, fun, and full of life babe who had just launched her brand new coaching business where she helps women overcome alcohol abuse and addiction by using holistic coaching techniques designed to empower those who are ready, to step into their next level of consciousness, love, life and business. WOW, #amirite.

On today’s episode we spoke about her journey of giving up alcohol and how to really begin loving yourself – sober.

Connect with Libby & her Soberly business more via her website, Insta, Facebook, and if you’re into it, feel free to join her Sober Soul Sisters Facebook group.

Let us know what stood out most to you about todays episode, and please do get in touch!

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