#151 Ignite your desires on fire – Nicole Middleton

Get ready to set the rules on fire and go your own way.

Nicole is known for her contagious, joyful approach to life, sprinkled with her no-bullshit attitude to empowering you to live up to your potential

Join her for practical wisdom to cultivate the magic within and breathe fire into your life.

Nicole in a nutshell:
Favorite colour: Wild
Vibe: Rebel hippie
Occupasion: Aspiring beam of light
Mission: Bring you to life

Nicole is a lightworker, energy healer and intuitive quantum coach. She is certified in Reiki, Neuro-linguistic programming and life coaching.

She is a whole lotta hippie, buckets of rebel rockstar and a sprinkle of wise, woke woman.

Her speciality is in identifying your personality for better understanding of self, and then helping you expand to realise that that is only one small aspect of you. She helps you make your subconscious, conscious so that you can reprogram your beliefs about who you are and rise into who you need to be to become the “more” you dream about.

Transforming her clients’ ways of thinking feeling and behaving by removing all perceived limitations, she accelerates the manifestation of their biggest visions for their lives and together they design a life beyond what they thought was possible.

Nicole is is the business of human potential, focusing on empowerment, energetics & embodiment. With the belief that we are infinite and that anything is possible, you definitely want her in your corner.

Nicole is a warrior of the light who’s mission is to light people up by lighting herself up. Because only when we set our own soul alight do we hold space for others to step into their own authentic power and light the way for more souls on this sacred journey of life.


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