#17 The REAL DEAL with the LOA – cuppa with Jacqui Sive

So what’s the REAL DEAL with the Law of Attraction you may ask?

Am I meant to sit on a coach and visualise things coming to me and then BAM #InstantSuccess?!

Well, actually… that’s part of it but it’s not the whole deal.

In this episode of the Abundant Babes podcast, the AMAZING Jacqui Sive (Mindset & Manifestation coach) shares how to understand the Law Of Attraction and utilising the different layers of manifestation.

It is GOLD. Jacqui is full of life and energy and was the MOST fun to chat and collaborate conversation with.

Dive into the episode and ENJOY. Please let me know what you thought of the episode, and if you enjoyed it leave a review!

If you would like to connect further with Jacqui you can find her on Facebook and Instagram!

Until next week,

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Viola Hug

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