#19 Forget your work life balance

We’ve all been told before the utter importance of creating a work life balance.

Well you know what, I call BS on that.

What the eff even IS a work life balance? Like do you evenly divide the hours of the day between all the things you need to do and then evenly distribute it? So like… sleep, work, self care, kids, partner, friends, down time, growth time…. okay we’re already down to 3 hours per task and we haven’t even SHOWERED yet.

Like, how much pressure is having a work-life balance?

My theory is that striving for this mysterious balance actually makes you feel MORE stressed and therefore causes LESS results in those areas.

Hear me out, there is a better way – to have it all and STILL see your business booming, your relationships flourishing, and your wee soul happy and fulfilled.

This my babes, is what I shared in this weeks podcast episode (available on all podcast providers).

Lots of love, until next week,

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Viola Hug

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