#2 All the stars will line up for you, TRUST US! Cuppa with Astro Coach Tiffani Purdy

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Some of you know I recently did an astrology course because I am obsessed with understanding all of the wonder in our universe. This was inspired by one of the people I am obsessively following online.

The one, the ONLY, Tiffani Purdy - Astro Coach and total badass boss babe at life.

We had a free flowing conversation about creating joy and abundance in all areas of life, and we literally share SO many nuggets of wisdom amongst our conversation. APPLY THESE TIPS BABES, and you will for sure experience abundance beyond what you even know you’re capable of.

Listen in, enjoy the banter, prepare yourself for some truth bombs, and apply what you learn!

Believe it or not this photo is actually photoshopped (I know right, I got skillz yo)- but I imagine when Tiffani and I are together in the same city, we will both look this happy.

If you want to connect with Tiffani – you can find her here:

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Till next week, lots of love, V xx

Viola Hug

PSYCHIC EXPANSION COACH: I coach + channel codes for high-level soulpreneurs to scale by tuning into their spirit team, human design, & sensuality 𓆃

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