#21 Becoming your own superhero: Manifestation technique – cuppa with Seana Ann

At any moment in time you can choose to embody and manifest the life and business that is meant for you.

Seana Ann is a perfect example of this – a small town girl (from Minnesota to be exact) with huge goals that went from spending the majority of her life in a cubicle with florescent lights to completely changing her life and now being a Wild & Free Business Coach #wow #goals.

During this episode we talk about how developing your own superhero can take you from where you are now, to manifesting your dream life – and how what awaits you when you’ve grown into your superhero is really more than you can yet imagine. We speak about courageous action, the gentle dance between utilising the feminine and masculine energies with in us, and other fun topics.

Seana is so much fun to talk to and has such beautiful and magnetic energy, so I am sure you’ll enjoy the episode. If you would like to connect with her further, you can do that via Facebook, Instagram or her website, www.seanaann.com.

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