#22 The power of Breathwork – cuppa with Shannon Rose

"The mind and the breath are the king and queen of human consciousness." - Leonard D. Orr

No, it’s not just about pranayama and the thought of taking deep breaths – it is actually a transformative process. And this week on the episode, we have an expert on the topic.

Shannon Rose is a Breathwork Facilitator trained with Breath of Bliss from Aotearoa with a passion for using conscious breathing, ecstatic movement and sound, to shift from fear to freedom. In her breathwork ceremonies she focuses on using the breath to gain access to ancient wisdom, clarity, divine connection and love.

During this episode Shannon shares her story from the corporate world to something completely different that she stumbled upon in Bali. We explore the process and the benefits of breathwork. If you’d like to follow Shannon, you can connect with her further on Instagram or Facebook. She has also just launched a new Facebook group, Empowered Empaths – feel free to join!

She will also soon be start online ceremonies, so we can all join in on the benefits!

Let us know what you took away from the episode!

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