#24 Getting PERSONAL – hear more about who I REALLY am in this double interview where Jessica Reid & I Q&A our partners

In this episode we get PERSONAL, and give you a little insight into who I am behind closed doors.

So here is the story. 

While I was in California I had a sleepover with the incredible Jessica Reid, who is a global clairvoyant who guides #SpiritGirls to utilise their intuition – and also one of my besties. She is also the host of the Spirit Girls podcast, and as we hung out together we had a great idea to give you, our listener, a better idea of who we are on a personal level.

So we rounded up my husband, Nick Taylor, and Jessica’s partner, Josh Servi – and persuaded them to sit around the table with us while we get them to answer questions about us. 

It was so much fun and gives you an insight into what we are like off of social media. We prepped them by telling them to be completely honest and not to sugar coat anything, and I gotta say they really wow’d us! They were charming and honest 🙂

I hope you enjoy this episode, make sure to get in touch and let us know what your face question was – all our Insta’s are linked throughout this bio.

Until next week,

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Viola Hug

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