3 // Abundance Vortex: Create space

3 // Create space

If there is something we WANT, we have to FIRST make room for it… hence today’s theme of “creating space.” Yes, you already know where I am heading with this one… time to DECLUTTER something. Imagine this (super weird) analogy for a moment – you had a sock full of random rocks… okay that’s weird… you had a BAG full of random rocks. Yeah they might have been your rocks since you were a kid, and an old friend gave you one, but essentially they’re just rocks. You are also at the same time REALLY wanting some beautiful crystals in your bag (like citrine, fluorite, amethyst… you name it), but your bag is kinda full. Even if you fit a crystal in, it’ll fall back out because there are SOOOO many rocks that have precedence over the crystals. Yes. This is just how abundance works, to welcome in the new, we must clear out the old. ◎ Exercise: Choose one are of your life to declutter – let it be your desk, your wallet, your closet, pantry, bookshelf, car, desktop… whatever it is that is CLOGGING up energetic space in your life.. CLEAN IT! Additional challenge, make a social media post: Today, post your newly decluttered space, or declare your intentions of what you plan to declutter. If you have chosen a “big” task to complete later – choose a smaller one you can complete today (everyday something)! Remember to tag @violahug!


From scarcity to abundance

Woooooweeeeee if that’s got you all tingling with excitement, I’ve got good news, because this 7 episode podcast series is 100% free of charge – the only investment is of your 111% commitment to fully allowing yourself to step into the abundance vortex. This is not just a listen and learn series – this is a get-into-action-and-make-things-happen series. This means every episode I will be sharing tips with you on how to align yourself and fully step into the abundance vortex (where your manifestations literally magnetise towards you). You’ll be given daily action steps for you to do in your own time, plus post publicly for extra abundance impact – more details in each episode. ◦ Day 1: Attune with your vibration ◦ Day 2: Align with gratitude ◦ Day 3: Create space ◦ Day 4: Celebrating abundance ◦ Day 5: Tune into trust ◦ Day 6: Expand your consciousness ◦ Day 7: Amplify your intention Who is it for? Any abundant babe who is ready to fine tune and fully step into her true state of abundance. But not just someone who wants it. You HAVE to be ready, and willing to do the exercises. See you in the next episode! With love and abundance, V xx
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