3 steps to overcoming comparison-itis

The amount of times I have been in conversation with someone who has so much desire inside their soul only to be stuck with fear and resistant in pursuing their goals, literally breaks my heart.

It hurts me to see people in this phase, because I have been there, and I have delayed my own success so many times because of one specific thief of joy: comparison.

How many times have you been lit up with an idea, only to lose motivation and have water thrown over your inner fire? Not because someone said anything or you were met with temporary defeat (although that’s definitely a topic for another blog), but because you jumped on your socials, scrolled through only to see…

  • This girl launching an epic program
  • A live that is so mind-blowing
  • A friends post that has 100+ comments and so many shares
  • Someone else doing pretty much what you wanted to do (and probably are more qualified, ugh)

Babe, 1. this is natural, 2. it’s time to STOP this!

When we are in a state of comparison (as I’m sure you know), you shift out of a state of alignment, which makes FEELING GOOD, and actually achieving success with your own ideas a lot harder – it’s almost like self-inflicted doom and hardship. But if it’s natural to feel it, how can we shift it?


If you start to shift your perspective around your comparison, and train your brain to see different things when you are looking at others successes, then soon enough you will notice yourself shifting from comparison to inspiration – which is what you want!



1. Realise the comparison is confirmation you’re on the right path

When you step into the state of comparison, it is usually to do with something someone else is ROCKING, that you desire, and probably feel less accomplished in. Whether it be a business launch, confidence, relationship, personality, post engagement, etc. How is it whenever you desire something, you suddenly see all of these examples in life of other people seemingly already having what you want.

Here’s the thing about your success and the law of attraction – like attracts like. So when you start to align yourself with something you desire, by getting the idea and that excited internal feeling, that will magnetise things with similar energy into your world. So really seeing people succeeding with what you want is ACTUALLY confirmation that you are on the right track what you want.

When we fall into the negative emotion, it pulls us back out of alignment – therefore things don’t change for you and you slow down the magic that supports you in the actualisation of your goals. However, if in the moment you catch yourself and have a wee celebration for the fact if you’re seeing it around you, it means you are aligning with it and it will soon be yours, then you will continue to magnetise it towards you.


2. Send love and good vibes to the person/situation

To follow on from the topic of alignment, this step is crucial to heal your perception and the energy you magnetise. Once you have tuned into the perception that seeing these examples in your life means that you are actually on the right path, it is super important you start healing any low vibes, or any ways you may have placed negative judgement on another person or situation.

Start by realising there is no need to feel low in this situation, and that having bad energy towards another person (even if you don’t mean to do it), really only impacts you negatively. Not to mention that online we only ever see someones highlight reel – for all you know, they could be comparing themselves to you, too.

Send some good vibes and loving to the person wishing them more success and happiness, and while you’re at it, do it for yourself too (along with some forgiveness) – there are no hard feelings here towards yourself, the fact you’re aware of this is already a win.


3. Look at how you are similar

Step 3, is all about shifting the perspective of how you are different from the person/situation, to instead looking at how you are similar. A lot of times comparison stems from looking at why someone else can be successful and not you – how you are different. To shift this energy to one of inspiration, simply look at how you are similar.

Maybe you both are driven, maybe you both grew up in the suburbs, maybe you are both women – who knows what it is, it can be anything, but focus on why you are the same, or similar.

And if you have been through similar things, or have similar qualities – this means you can do it TOO.



Once you start moving into this space, it all changes.

It’s not about that everyone else has all these cool things going on, and you don’t. It’s they’ve got awesome stuff, and SO DO YOU.

There is enough room for all of us to be wildly successful, and the message you have for this world is unique and is needed.

Never give up, I cannot wait to see what you create.

V xox

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Viola Hug

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