#31 Some truths of entrepreneurship

Todays episode was inspired by a post I did on social media a while ago, which reads a follows.

If you want to live your dream life, there are some realities you must face. ⁣ 🌸 You gotta motivate yourself. No one outside of you can give you the drive that’s needed to succeed. And by succeed I mean living a life that lights you the eff up. While we’re on that note, ⁣ 🌸 The level of fulfilment you feel is proportional to the amount of inner work your willing to do. And it’s probably the hardest thing you’ll do, coming face to face with your own demons and looking them in the eye, with love, and choosing growth in the moment. ⁣ 🌸 Exercise courage daily. Be brave. Talk to the person. Do the live. Launch the program. Be honest about your feels. Love yourself without makeup on. ⁣ 🌸 Let people see the real you. And it’s okay if it takes time for you to figure out who you are under the conditioning (hello, took me like 6+ years and I’m still figuring it out). Just be real about it. Let your hair down. Don’t fake it. ⁣ 🌸 In today’s world, you become your business. So treat it with love and respect. That means good nutrition, sleep, supplements, exercise, self care, mind food, and anything else you need to be thriving. ⁣ Entrepreneurship can be challenging. But everyone will tell you, it’s SO worth it. ⁣ Loveeeee,⁣ V xxx⁣

During this episode I also spoke about my perfectionism episode (#20), and the “you are your business” episode (#19). PLEASE make sure to screenshot yourself listening to my podcast, and tag me in your insta-story @violahug (or wherever else you upload it). As I mentioned, I would be SO grateful if you shared the podcast with a friend too. Until next week, V xox
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