#32 Rewire subconscious sabotage to success – cuppa with Jen Casey

We often think success is purely based on our actions, thoughts, and emotions we project on a daily basis. Although this is true to some extent, our subconscious mind really rules the show. In fact, while we are kids we create specific program about how the world is that can impact us forever, unless we decide to personally develop and shift that thinking. Techniques like NLP really help and can shift things for us FAST. So I thought I would be epic to invite the lovely Jen Casey on the show. She is a business strategy coach, podcast host, speaker, and master NLP practitioner with certifications in EFT, Hypnosis & Time Technique. After building her own health coaching, group fitness, and NWM business, and identifying the gaps that prevented women from growing profitable businesses, Jen created her “Pitch to Your Niche Method.” Through her courses and programs, she helps network marketers and health & fitness coaches think like a top earner, and market their message in a unique way to turn their social media into sales. heyjencasey.com + @heyjencasey everywhere! Make sure to let us know what you think, and your biggest AHA moment from the episode. Also if you have a moment, please subscribe to the podcast and take a screenshot of you listening for your insta-story (tag me – @violahug)! Until next week, V xx
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