#33 Hard work vs. aligned work, and celebrating your success – with Autumn Bensette

If you’ve ever felt like you HAVE to work hard, like 3am-bedtimes and phone-at-dinner-answering-questions hard-work, you gotta get a load of Autumn Bensette’s story on this weeks podcast episode. Autumn is an intuitive life and business coach for the driven, bold & spiritually charged up network marketer and online entrepreneur. She helps these badass women to build multiple revenue streams and shift into 5K+ month’s through strategy, creating massive clarity and leveling up the woman she is in every aspect of her life! As a mama-to-be, The host of The Wealthy Babe Podcast and the founder of The Bossy Babe Club, she is obsessed with coaching women to create wealth in their business, life & relationships! We talked about what hard work versus aligned work looks like, especially for the aspiring entrepreneur, how to celebrate your success and why it is CRUCIAL for your future successes (with an epic little ideas list too), and the power of investment. If you want to get in touch with Autumn, she’s @bossybabe.xo on Instagram and her Facebook is linked here. Enjoy this episode and make sure to let us know what you love about it! Until next week, V xx
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