#34 How relationships, business, and sex are related – with Olivia Seline

This episode contains a juicy cluster of many divine topics centred around the divine feminine and divine masculine energies, and how they relate to relationships, sex, and business. Olivia Seline, this weeks guest, is a business coach for entrepreneurial women desiring to upgrade their business to the next level while also reigniting the passion in their relationship. She believes that you can have the badass bank account AND the badass relationship – and that sacrifice doesn’t have to be a part of your strategy. And I am totally here for it! There are so many nuggets of wisdom within the episode, she holds nothing back, and is a super interesting look at how you can create success in all areas by becoming more aware of your own energy. A few of the things we riffed on together: >> my journey to entrepreneurship >> the evolution of my relationship & how we got here >> the key to being a #powercouple >> how to balance your masculine/feminine energies >> how I believe the rise of the divine feminine can be misunderstood/mistreated >> how receiving in the bedroom allows you to receive more in business aka more orgasms = more money 😍 >> the power of constant celebration >> how to redirect comparison to work FOR you instead of against you You can connect with Olivia here on her website, or @oliviaseline on Facebook and Instagram. Let us know what you thought of this weeks episode, get in touch, screenshot the episode while you’re listening, and post it to your IG story (make sure to tag me @violahug so I can re-share)!! Until next week, V xx
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