#38 Utilising your chakras for alignment, healing, and up-level – with Sarah Birney

Sarah Birney is a sacred space holder, a healer and transformation facilitator. With a background in yoga, massage, nutrition and energy work she has worked for over 12 years in the healing realm. Sarah’s main focus is using the energy of our chakra system to help her clients heal, transform and step into their true potential. In this episode we talk about:
  • How as children we often already know part of your purpose [2:33]
  • You can be spiritual and a badass boss babe at the same time [4:12]
  • How true health goes beyond what we eat [6:16]
  • A new perspective of the chakra system [8:17]
  • The feminine and masculine energy chakras [10:14]
  • How women can heal blocks tuning into the different masculine vs feminine chakras [15:45]
  • The manifesting current in the chakra system and using it to release blocks [20:15]
  • “Demons” of the chakras [23.35]
  • Working an individual chakra vs the whole system [26:41]
  • Moving through triggers and limiting beliefs [30:33]
  • Biggest benefits to working with chakras [36:23]
  • Disconnection between the body and energy [38:38]
  • The power to “materialism” [39:58]
  • Sarah’s one piece of advice [42:27]
  • Practices for higher alignment for your inner power [43:20]
Sarah believes we are all divine in nature and that many ailments, heartaches and limiting beliefs can be navigated with the right tools and awareness. Through these transformations she helps her clients align with the divine again and deeply shift their lives and impact in the world. Although a native of Michigan you can often find Sarah traveling the world working from her laptop, gaining as much new experience as possible! Find Sarah on Facebook, Instagram, connect in her Facebook group, or her website. Until next time, V xox
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