4 must-have apps to create a unique visual online brand

First impressions aren’t really everything. Judging someone by first impression, is similar to judging a book by it’s cover.

But let’s be real – first impression judgement does happen – especially online.

Just like when you meet someone in person, when someone clicks on your insta-profile, they will create an impression of who you are and what you stand for within just 7 seconds or less. This is why it is so important to put your best foot forward, and have your social media really represent the energy who want people to feel when they click on your profile. As visual beings, I have found our VISUAL brand to be super important. So I have compiled a list of my top 4 favourite editing apps to create a unique and consistent brand for your online-self. Before we get into the actual apps and how to use them, I want you to think about the look and feel you want your brand to have. Are you classy and chic, fun and colourful, feminine, wild, bold, warm, soft, or anything else. Visual brands can be made up of varying components to give people an impression of who you are. Look at things like:
  • Colours – using specific colours to base your theme around can be a great way to create a consistent feel in your look. This could include have a specific colour prominent in your pictures, or with your editing style.
  • Editing style – using the same pre-set, or “filter”, on photos keeps a consistency for your brand that makes it look way more professional.
  • Photo types – do you use selfies, nature shots, quotes, photos from behind, or have a “thing” you do in every photo (ie. peace sign).
  • Overall theme – how your pictures come together in the overall grid definitely makes a difference.
Now let’s get into my FAVE apps for photo editing (note this is not sponsored – although I wish it was)!


First things first – I always upload all of my pictures to VSCO to create a consistent look and feel. Using this app you can go through and filter your photo to create your unique “look”. Pay attention to things like the contrast, saturation, and white balance. Once you like your filter, there is an option to “save” this pre-set. Now you can easily upload a photo and simply click your unique filter and – BAM, it fits your look and feel.

2. Facetune 2

This app is awesome if you wanna get super nerdy with editing and hugely adjust colour in your photos. There is an option called “paint” where you can adjust the colouring of things in the background to make them more light, dark, or to match your colour theme. You can also play around with making parts of the photos black and white, adding colour flares, or other cool options.

3. WordSwag

If you are one for uploading quotes, or adding words to your pictures, make sure to check out this app. It’s a really cool app to create your own quote pictures in popular font styles.

4. Preview

If you’re on Instagram, you’ll want to download this app. Before uploading your photos to instagram, you can preview how it will look within your theme. You can bulk edit a heap of photos, upload them to this app, rearrange them to make them look EPIC, and you can even schedule your posts with this app! SO good!
There you have it! Four epic apps for creating a unique visual brand! I’d love to see a screenshot of your themes – so make sure to tag me on insta @violahug or send me a DM to let me know how it’s all going for you! Lots of love, V xx
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