#4 She who leads herself: from bankruptcy to aligned + wealthy #AlphaFemme – cuppa with Melanie Ann Layer

From living in her car filing bankruptcy, to aligned, wealthy and successful!

Melanie Ann Layer is a Location Independent Entrepreneur, High Performance Lifestyle coach & Luxury Brand Business Coach. Her story of bankruptcy to aligned + wealthy and living a live of freedom is so profoundly incredible, and comes from such a heart centered and loving perspective.

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During this interview we talk about the power of really being and knowing gratitude, and the strength that comes from hitting rock bottom.

After all, in any moment you feel like you are a victim, if you can realize you took part in putting yourself there, you can also rise above to create the reality you wish to see.

Melanie shares who an AlphaFemme is, and how to create a fulfilled life in every aspect. She also gives tips on how she organically grew her Facebook following to over 50000 in less than a year!

Melanie is so engaging and has the most crazy amazing stories that really help to put life into perspective. She has an infectiously wealthy mindset – in all aspects of the word. 

I am so grateful to call Melanie a friend and fellow babe having a positive influence on there world. I hope you are empowered by this interview and lead yourself to your next level.

If you want to connect with Melanie, find her here (and trust me, you WANT to follow this powerhouse babe)!

The interview is also live on YouTube, here is the link (the other interviews are now also on YouTube). 

Lots of love, and wishing you all an abundant AF week.

V xx

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