4 ways to hear your intuition more clearly

Your intuition is one of your most powerful tools in life, business, and anything else. Although you may have questioned your intuitive abilities from time to time, rest assured that everyyyyone is intuitive, and you can learn to tune into the messages your soul is trying to tell you through practice.

Below are my top 4 recommendations to learning to hear your intuition more clearly, and understand when it is trying to tell you something.

1. You’re excited

When you get excited or inspired by an idea, it isn’t just coincidence. In fact, it is how your soul signals you that something is in alignment for you.

Remember this: If you get excited about it, you can imagine it, and it’s inspiring, this is your intuition guiding you! Don’t hesitate on whether or not you could do it, because your soul already knows you can.

2. You body is giving you signals

The physical sensations in our body are also an awesome indicator as to whether your intuition is trying to tell you “yes” or “no” about something.

If you notice you are getting an expansive feeling in your chest when you think or talk about it, this your intuition metaphorically letting you know, this is a growth opportunity. On the other hand, if you feel closed off and restricted, it’s. clear NO!

Other body signs that can guide you are gut feelings and whole body shivers.

3. Meditate

Yes, meditate. Even if it’s for a couple minutes a day. Most people don’t hear their intuition because their mind is so busy. Traditionally people think of meditation as a period of time where you sit with no thoughts at all, however even if you are sitting and still thinking, just noticing you are thinking, it will do the trick. Whether or not you are consciously aware, meditation trains to fine tune your thoughts so it is easier to distinguish because your intuitive messages, and ego based fears/beliefs.

4. You see signs everywhere

If you’re a “it’s a sign” person – keep it up! Coincidences, or as I more appropriately call them, synchronicities, are a major way our intuition communicates with us.

You might notice a topic, book, or person coming up in multiple places, you might find a feather, money, or see angel guidance numbers repetitively – all of these are your intuition trying to get your attention and encourage you!

When you start to pay closer attention to your intuition, not only does it become easier to decipher the messages, but they also begin to come through more frequently!

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Here’s to you intuition!

V xox

Viola Hug

PSYCHIC EXPANSION COACH: I coach + channel codes for high-level soulpreneurs to scale by tuning into their spirit team, human design, & sensuality 𓆃

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