#40 Meditation and spiritual flow in your business – with Emily Aarons

Emily Aarons is an intuitive healer and psychic business coach. She supports her clients on their healing journey by clearing and releasing blocks from their energy systems as well as from all lifetimes using the Akashic records so they can step fully into their power as entrepreneurs.  On today’s session, here’s some of the stuff we talk about:
  • Emily’s story and background [3:14]
  • The moment Emily received guidance that changed the direction of her business [8:57]
  • The balance between strategy and spirituality to get better results [11:29]
  • What I personally notice from my meditation practice [12:07]
  • Synchronicities and making decision making easier [14:48]
  • Tapping into your intuition more [16:48]
  • Free gift from Emily [17:24]
  • How Emily builds her business with a spiritual foundation [18:03]
  • What akashic records are and how they can help with your business [18:31]
  • Building trust with your divine guidance [22:22]
  • How can you differentiate intuitive guidance and picking up other peoples “stuff” [23:31]
  • Different ways intuition comes through you [29:04]
  • My journey of tapping into intuition [32:42]
  • How intuition shows itself in physical signs [36:05]
  • Why spiritual practice keeps you in flow state [44:04]
  • Emily’s experience with dating her husband at the start [45:28]
  • You are not your loved ones healer [47:15]
  • The power of a beginners mindset [48:38]
  • Life is happening for your and through you [51:16]
  • #1 thing to apply from the episode [53:58]
Formally trained in Polarity Therapy, Emily has been clearing energy for nearly two decades. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications and Business Management from Salem State University. Combining her abilities as a healer with her love of business allows her to mentor and teach others how to run a powerfully profitable businesses. Emily’s body of work includes guided meditations, a meditation membership for entrepreneurs, a self-paced online intuition and business classes, in-person live events, 1:1 sessions, and a exclusive 12-month mentorship. Connect with Emily via her website www.emilyaarons.com and receive the free gift by clicking here. Until next week, V xx
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