#41 Equipping the lightworker with Melissa Habibi

Melissa Habibi is a Soul Healer and Spiritual Business coach, who supports people to powerfully unblock their Soul and manifest your purpose and destiny.

On todays podcast we dive into what it’s like to grow and develop spiritually, and different tools and techniques that Melissa uses for energy healing and keep connected. Here’s a look at what we cover:

  • Melissa intro + story [2:23]
  • Support from family and peers in spiritual journey [4:23]
  • Fear and insecurity in working with spirituality [6:10]
  • How Melissa worked through the fear [8:12]
  • Utilising utilise to anchor back into the phsyical [10:35]
  • How crystals play a role [14:41]
  • Other tools we use in our practices [19:49]
  • Energy healing techniques [20:46]
  • It’s never to late to heal [25:30]
  • Defining a lightworker [27:03]
  • How to have more confidence in being a lightworker [29:37]
  • Tuning into your gifts [32:35]
  • Abundance vs spiritual abundance and releasing blocks [36:35]
  • Surrender and receiving [43:21]
  • Receiving exercise [46:39]
  • Last golden nugget [51:00]

Feel free to connect with Melissa more via her website www.childofgaia.co.uk.

Until next week,

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Viola Hug

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