#42 From hustler to living a Soul Radiant Life – with Lauren McMullen

Lauren McMullen is a Soul Radiant Intuitive Coach. Her focus is empowering women with the knowledge of their true self to live a more soul radiant life, by using elements of human design, removing limiting beliefs, shifting the mindset, manifesting & abundance. She is passionate about finding the spark within other women & helping them to understand who they are on a soul level & bringing it to the surface. Working through her own self-awareness journey and helping others do the same over the past year has helped her discover her passion & purpose to do this work. She continues daily to make the shift within herself to live a soul radiant life.

In this episodes, here’s what we riff off on:

  • Lauren’s story of moving into alignment [2:33]
  • The AHA moment for Lauren [8:38]
  • Trusting versus your logical mind when you see “signs” [12:30]
  • Transitioning what Lauren loves about her job into her own business [14:41]
  • Living in a hustling society and redefining success [16:21]
  • How gratitude can impact your lifestyle [19:05]
  • Gratitude practices you can easily apply [23:04]
  • How worry impacts your manifestations [31:15]
  • The beauty in the journey [34:41]
  • Different types of worry and how to navigate them [38:07]
  • A brief intro to human design and how Lauren utilises it in her work [43:31]
  • Human design “centres” [48:30]
  • How to make decisions using human design [55:48]
  • And so much more fun in-between!

Get your human design chart here: https://www.jovianarchive.com/Get_Your_Chart 

Find Lauren here:

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