#44 Self-Confidence, Body Image, & the Power of Choice – Stephanie Schultz

Stephanie Scultz is an incredible human, founder of Courageously Confident program and podcast, and a fitness, mindset, and business coach.

Some of the epic stuff we spoke about:

  • Stephanie’s story and story to starting her business [2:50]
  • Body image and how you feel about yourself [13:24]
  • Self belief and external validation [15:55]
  • The power of choice and decision [17:09]
  • The loving no-BS approach [19:04]
  • Self responsibility + self awareness [22:04]
  • Moving through “failure” [26:31]
  • Deciding to invest when all odds are against you [28:34]
  • The unexpected benefits of investment, coaching, and levelling up [31:55]
  • Jealously, desire, the law of attraction and success [41:24]
  • Positivity and CHOICE (repeating because it’s so potent) [45:04]
  • And more awesome sauce!

Find Steph on Instagram @xogingy or her Courageously Confident Facebook group.

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  1. Amber

    Oh my gosh! I feel like Stephanie is my soul sister! Her story is so much like mine!

    1. Viola Hug

      I sooo know what you mean, I relate with her story too, very similar to me. Thanks for tuning in 🙂 Whats been your favourite part of the episode? xx

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