#47 Redefining worry, limiting beliefs, & the power of pleasure & play with Amanda Popovski

Amanda Popovski is a soul-centered business coach and mindset mentor with a soft spot for alliteration. She loves helping soulpreneurs wake up to their power, work smart in pursuit of their goals, and master the mindset that will get them from “ho hum” to “HELL YEAH.” When not “working” you can find Amanda journalling, reading, creating, eating avocados, playing with her dogs and hanging out with her family.

We spoke about a ton of epicness, here is a glimpse into it:

  • Self discovery through travel and self development 
  • Nurturing your mindset to overcome limiting beliefs
  • Life changing advice on overcoming worry
  • Questions to use to help disprove limiting beliefs
  • You can re-write any belief
  • The power of choice with your beliefs
  • How to keep playfulness and pleasure alive, and the power it can have
  • Get clarity on what you desire, and give it meaning
  • How it all ties into manifestation
  • Amanda’s tip for awesomeness 

Connect with Amanda:

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