#48 From self conscious to self love with Tasha Leov

Self love is such an important topic, so who better to bring onto the podcast to chat about this, than the self love activist herself, Tash Leov.

Tasha is a Self Love Coach; fighting fiercely so every female wakes up empowered. She’s also the host of her own podcast, Chronicles of a Self Live Activist podcast, and an all around happy-go-lucky positivity fiend.

On todays show we chat about:

  • Tasha’s story
  • From self conscious to self love
  • Allowing yourself to feel the emotions
  • Self talk
  • Reasons why people don’t participate in self care
  • Numbing versus self care
  • Tips if you struggle with how you feel about yourself

Tash was an absolute delight to have on the show! If you want to connect with her more, connect with here here:

  • @tasha_leov (insta)
  • Tasha Leov (chroniclesofaselfloveactivist) FB
  • @TashaLeov (twitter)

Until next week, V xx

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Viola Hug

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