5 gifts you can give on any budget

With the “busy” season upon us, and our year about to tick over into a new one, I wanted to offer you five grounded ways you can give to yourself, those you love, and the world, in a way that fits any budget!

#1. Your presence

Isn’t it funny how we are driven by the love for the people in our lives, yet we rarely take a moment to really be there. Life is made in the moments you DO have, not in the moments you don’t. If you remember your favourite childhood memories, the best parts of your relationships, and the times you laughed the most – they were all small moments, not jumbo pockets of time you “had”. This season, prioritise being there for your loved ones, do something crazy, play “the floor is lava” – even if you’re all adults, go skinny dipping, build a snowman – put your phone down and just be there for those that matter to you.

#2. Self-care

Imagine your partner forgetting the (soy) milk, your kids spilling sparkles on the ground, and your cat eating the Christmas tree. And now imagine you didn’t even snap. You had the patience to (just for a moment) take a deep breath and release the “problems” that really just mean you have love in your life, and you can choose how you react and how you perceive the situation. My friend, if you’ve been frantically running around this time of year and put everything in your life ahead of you, no wonder you have a short fuse in moments like this. Self care is NOT selfish. Give yourself and others the gift of self care. Put yourself first. Put something you love and something that would nurture YOU at the top of your daily to-do lists. Everyone will thank you for it, and the memories you create in the moment, getting creative with new ingredients, turning the glitter on the floor into a craft party, or laughing your butt off at your kitty cat; those memories will last a life-time.

#3. Love

Let people know you love them. It is so easy to get caught up in all the things, and forget to remind the people in our lives how much they mean to us. Call a friend, send a letter, say you love your partner, friends, or family with intense meanings behind the words. And of course, don’t forget to put yourself on that list. Remind yourself to love yourself first, as that always sets the standard for how other people can love us.

#4. Gratitude

When we are grateful for the things we have, we call in more things to be grateful for. However, this is not the only reason we show gratitude. Be reminded of all the things the people in your life do, and the access you have to incredible things in your life, and be happy knowing that besides the presents and all the material aspects of this season (although material things can be great too), it is about that fact you have that person in your life to either give to, or receive from, that really matters. It’s the power to warm your home, it’s the wifi to see pictures of your loved ones worldwide, it’s allllllllll the things that you already have that make your life so wonderful.

#5. Be visionary

And finally, as we close off one year and merge into a new one, be reminded that you are the creator of your life. By you choosing to design a life that fills you up, it benefits everyone around you. Spend some time planning some goals you’d like to accomplish in the New Year, starting with what would most light you up, focusing on how you can embody your values on a deeper level, and how you can grow.

Sending you so much love for your silly season and in your transition to the New Year!

V xox


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Viola Hug

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