6 // Abundance Vortex: Expand your consciousness

6 // Expand your consciousness

We each hold a “blueprint” of unlimited abundance, however through conditioning we often decrease our capacity to call in abundance. The following exercise is POWERFUL in increasing your capacity – it will benefit you even if you just do one day, but is recommend for 30. We are focusing on money today – keeping in mind (firstly, money is awesome, and secondly) that how we do one thing is how we do anything, so allowing ourselves to expand in abundance financially, increases our abundance in all levels. ◎ Exercise: Practice this expansion exercise (about 10 min). You’ll need an OPEN an expansive mind and a journal. Starting with $500, imagine looking at your bank account and seeing an extra $500 (wahoo!) – jot down how this feels, and what you would do with the money. Next move onto $1000 and do the same thing. From there go up in $1000 increments (so $2000, then $3000, $4000, etc) until you get to one that feels a little more challenging (you’ll notice a switch from “oh yeah this is easy”, or “I can believe that” to struggling with the amount or not believing it’s realistic). Once you hit your resistance point – stop there for now. This is the current space you have for wealth. To increase it – tune into that number that felt uncomfortable and allow yourself to just imagine, what would you do. I recommend continuing with this exercise for 30 days – each day going up another $1000 from the previous day (starting at your comfort zone level we discovered above). Additional challenge, make a social media post: Share a WIN or abundance you’ve manifested from this week so far. Remember to tag @violahug.


From scarcity to abundance

Woooooweeeeee if that’s got you all tingling with excitement, I’ve got good news, because this 7 episode podcast series is 100% free of charge – the only investment is of your 111% commitment to fully allowing yourself to step into the abundance vortex. This is not just a listen and learn series – this is a get-into-action-and-make-things-happen series. This means every episode I will be sharing tips with you on how to align yourself and fully step into the abundance vortex (where your manifestations literally magnetise towards you). You’ll be given daily action steps for you to do in your own time, plus post publicly for extra abundance impact – more details in each episode. ◦ Day 1: Attune with your vibration ◦ Day 2: Align with gratitude ◦ Day 3: Create space ◦ Day 4: Celebrating abundance ◦ Day 5: Tune into trust ◦ Day 6: Expand your consciousness ◦ Day 7: Amplify your intention Who is it for? Any abundant babe who is ready to fine tune and fully step into her true state of abundance. But not just someone who wants it. You HAVE to be ready, and willing to do the exercises. See you in the next episode! With love and abundance, V xx
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