#6 Manifesting effortlessly and understanding our conditioning

This week you have yours truly on episode 006 of the podcast chatting about manifesting and conditioning.


I recently manifested a creative vacay for my hubby and I and it got me thinking about what an incredible manifestor I am. And truth be told, it hasn’t always been that way. I used to struggle with even the idea of manifesting, and didn’t see many results from my efforts.

During the years I have learned so many valuable lessons, starting with understanding why we are conditioned to think the way we do. YES, this is good news babe, those doubts and fears have been conditioned into us, which means, we can re-program ourselves at anytime we choose.

I share two ways keys to manifesting effortlessly, and how you can apply them straight away. I also share a story as old as time that has been missing one of the most important parts as it’s been re-told through the generations.

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Until next week, with love,

V xx

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Viola Hug

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