#83 Human design & business basics – Ashley Devin

FINALLY, an episode about human design and business!!! This week the amazing Ashley joins me to dive into this topic.

Ashley says, “My mission is to show women how living in alignment with their design can create magic and effortlessly up-level their business.

I’ve combined my Human Design expertise with my love for online business and my desire to give women like you the power to change their lives and the lives of everyone around them.

I share my work through digital content, on-going workshops for high-level women entrepreneurs, and daily free inspirational content on my social media accounts.

I’m a Projector with Splenic Authority and 6/2 Profile. Basically, this means I’m here to guide others and be a role model, while also soaking up lots of alone time, and I have a very strong gut instinct (aka intuition).

In addition to holding a Master’s in Psychological Counseling from Columbia University, I’m a certified yoga teacher and certified in Reiki 1. I’ve worked as a counselor, a life coach, a social media manager, and an executive assistant to one of the best-known life coaches in the US. From burnt out to lit up, I’ve experienced every stop along the way in this online business world.

I’m a native of Austin, Texas where I currently live with my sister and her super cute chi-weenie pup, Louis. When I’m not reading Human Design charts, you can find me training for my next half-marathon, binging on Schitt’s Creek, and basically living my best Projector life.”

IG: @humandesignwithashley 
FB Group: Human design with Ashley 
Website: ashleydevin.com

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