#9 Stepping into Soul Purpose & using the Law of Attraction effectively – cuppa with Jessica Ellen

“The Secret” kind of forgot to tell us 2 secrets to make the Law of Attraction actually work!

Yes, of course, they can only fit so much info into a book, and it’s a great starting point, however, there is so much more to it. Law of Attraction expert, Jessica Ellen, joins me in this podcast episode to chat more how to make sure you are utilising the LOA to the best of your ability. She also spends time sharing her story of stepping into your soul purpose, which offers incredible value for anyone wanting to follow their heart more in life.

Jessica is now a Clairvoyant and Soul Purpose Enlightenment Coach after many years working in the corporate world. Her transition took time and required a lot of “signs” from the Universe and repeating the same mistakes before she truly had the courage to trust it and take the leap. I feel like myself, and so many others can relate to this!!

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Viola Hug

PSYCHIC EXPANSION COACH: I coach + channel codes for high-level soulpreneurs to scale by tuning into their spirit team, human design, & sensuality 𓆃

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