Viola (Vai-oh-la) is an international best-selling author, global charted podcast host, a clairvoyant psychic, channel, and multidimensional guide for multiple-six-figure leaders and visionaries who are here to live an expanded life, & rebel against the old patriarchal conditioning surrounding wealth, success and ease.

I have a deep soul feeling that you are a visionary, like myself. A rule breaker – that doesn’t choose to subscribe to the idea that you have to hustle, sacrifice pleasure, or your divinity in order to be “there”.

That you are here to not only create a massive impact while stretching the limits of what’s possible for you to experience in this lifetime…

But to do so while still being a living, breathing channel for pleasure, spirit and massive abundance. 

Hey, I’m Viola – and this is exactly what I help women create in their own lives every single day.

I am where the cosmic soul meets human nature.

Where power meets pleasure.
Where our reality collided with other dimensions.
Where your individual codes are witnessed and activated.

I am here to honour the human in you and play with the pure magic of your essence, and energetic blueprint.

I create space for your evolution.
I witness you in your emotion.
I hold you in your purest vision and vibration.

I channel sounds and languages from other dimensions, while encoding them into your DNA to awaken more of who you are.

I connect with the goddesses, the archetypes, the versions of you who are being called to roar, to heal, to be witnessed, while safely holding space for it to liberate and awaken you even deeper.

I communicate with your soul, your spirit team, and clearly see the ways in which you can decondition and remember your truest self.

I am a solid foundation reminding others to trust more fully and leap more boldly.

I’m an ethereal gentle wind that even when it can’t be seen, can be felt deeply.

I am a tuning fork for divine frequencies.

I’m a human, a mother, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a sister, who’s eyes well with tears with a heart full of love, who loves long baths and swims in the ocean. Who feels grounded in what’s important in life, and has wild and luxurious fantasies she’s living out.

I’m a spirit, an energy, an activator, a vibe.

I’m all this and so much more. And so are you.

And what I am not is a coach. Even if I utilize coaching in my work, the depths of what happens inside of my portals of creation are far beyond this.

As are the leaders I work with.

The results in impact, business, and wealth are the outcome of the depth of where I take clients when they enter my frequency.

This is where our magic melds with our 3-D realities. This is where our soul can be expressed in every single thing that we create and birth into this world.

I am here to support women as they step into the fullness that life and business can be – as a mother, as a partner, as a spiritual being having a human experience.

I am here to be a space for leaders, visionaries, and those who are doing revolutionary work in this collective to be heard, held, and seen in the expansion and holding of it all.

Hear me share my story on the varying podcasts I’ve been interviewed on here.


What I do not subscribe to is the old outdated idea that we have to sacrifice one for another – that we can not be multidimensional, multi faceted healers, facilitators, mothers, and millionaires. 

That we can not have peace, play, pleasure – while paving our own way to massive success on our OWN terms. On terms that ignite our souls and allow us to operate from a space of being a pure channel. 

And I am here to not only show you it’s possible in my own life, but how to embody and cultivate it in your own. I am here to remind you of YOUR power. 

And I see you…

I know you ou desire the support that is going to keep you on your A-game. You are ready to go deep into any shadows that may be lurking – so your energy stays pure and crisp.

You desire the energetic tune ups and instant activations, and insight that I can give on so many levels.

You desire to be committed to living a full, rich life in every sense of the word – and I am here to support you on your journey. 

The dirty deets (ya really wanna know)

Human design: 4/6 Splenic Manifestor, Sun gate: Intuition, (human speak: I’m an activator and highly intuitive to the expansion of others).

Gene Keys purpose: Expansion & Success, mastering wealth and finding connection through spirituality for myself and others, serpent rising energy (human speak: I’m legit designed to lead spiritual growth and financial abundance).

Astrology: Libra ☉ Libra ☽ Cancer ⇧ (human speak: awesome).

I have a over a decade of working in the field of energy, emotions, mindset , and almost 5 years HD!

Over the past 10+ years, I have completed;

A Coaching certification, double major Bachelor of Science, Expert Intuitive Development course, Level II Reiki energy healing, 200+ hour Yoga Teacher Training. Personal development through events and courses and personal coaching at a high level, and things such as money and wealth, emotional intelligence, relationships, human design, astrology, sexuality, EFT tapping, countless books, podcasts, and more. I have spent 10+ years developing myself, and in the past couple years alone have invested over $100 thousand US dollars into private coaching and courses.

Some of the things I am most proud of is my self-made success (multiple six-figure business + dream life with my family), my connection to spirit and my pleasure, my impact, service, and influence, my Spirit Sex Money podcast (and previous Abundant Babes podcast), and my best-selling book You are and Abundant Babe.

My goal now is to give back and give forward, let spirit work through me, lead with womb wisdom, and contribute to the expanded consciousness of the world ♡

My favourite achievements of all, are my clients wins. Is seeing them blow their own damn mind, is seeing them have it all, and more. See some of their testimonials here

We are here to fully and truly experience all

the depth life has to offer.


You know you live in a “Yes, and…” universe. It doesn’t have to be either/or. You don’t have to choose between career or family. Service or wealth. Hustling to succeed or feeling nourished. Science or spirituality. Sexual expression of motherhood. Strategy or energy work. Love and light or shadow work. Gratitude for now or desire for more. You know you get to have it all.

You get to experience it all.

Without having to do it all.

And I am here to be living, breathing evidence for you to bank.

I built my business while breaking all of the rules and creating a life that was led by passion, curiosity, and pleasure.

My husband and I started traveling full time… BEFORE I was a “successful” entrepreneur… Which is the total opposite of what we have been taught. That once you “make it” you would finally get that permission to actually live your life…

But I knew my soul was craving more… I knew that in my world- we didn’t subscribe to these bullshit patriarchal and societal rules of living and being human.

So, over a year and a half, we booked one-way tickets to all of the places I wanted to experience, and would stay until the views ran out – some places we stayed for a week, some a month… traveling all around Europe, then to Africa. We found ourselves in Asia, Australia and New Zealand, USA and Canada.

And in these moments – my business was birthed, unveiled, and solidified time and time again through every ascension and quantum jump.

In the summer of 2019 I’d celebrated crossing multiple six-figures for my business, on the back end of having now traveled to 3 continents, writing and publishing a best-selling book, and having an international impact with my brand. This was holy ground – and when I fully stepped into my wealth consciousness, using my own human design to guide me – and allowing myself to be a clear channel for myself and my clients.

And then in 2020, the birth of my son, Milo cracked me wide open. Becoming a mother unearthed something within me… A new level of devotion – not only to my new family, but to MYSELF. And through this, I was liberated in the power of pleasure, sensuality, and sexuality, and witnessed even more fully the magic of working less and making more money and impact.

I knew I was put here to help other women who desire the same. The women who are throwing their middle finger in the air as a “fuck you, I am doing this MY way” – to the patriarchy, and the idea that we can not be mothers, mavens, mystics, and millionaires. All at the same time.

And yet, through all of this expansion – I noticed something around my journey that needed more attention. I had done the inner child work. I had worked on my money mindset. I had dove into the shadows and the darkness – to find the truth in it all. And one of the most liberating pieces that truly connected me to my fullest expression was connecting the soul back to the human. 

It was seeing that when we reject any part of ourselves, we can not be our fullest, most expression versions of ourselves. 

These deep layers allowed me to channel in an integral piece of my mission and work on this earth.

When I claimed ownership over my body, my pleasure, and my connection to the juiciness that is all a gift within our human body experience – I became unleashed. I rebelled against what had been ingrained in me for years and years.

And when we are rejecting such a big piece of our humanness for so long, reclaiming autonomy over your pleasure and sexuality is the ultimate rebellion; to reclaim what is rightfully ours.

This work is a self healing journey, and it doesn’t ever have to be done alone.

As I started to go deeper into the space between realizing I had intuitive gifts and feeling confident enough to utilize them in my work was a process of realizing I never needed to be fucking anointed, to owning the fact I’m meant to be a leader and aligning with my new-found experience of human design, healing shadows, and fully trusting all the intuitive awarenesses that came through.


My ability to attune to clients purest essence when I’ve made a connection with them, in any container of work, allows me to feel, hear, see and know how to activate clients in a way that makes them feel so deeply seen and move through portals that would take 10x longer if only approached through the human mind.

I am here to be a multidimensional guide for leaders, visionaries, and women alike to unleash their fullest, most potent, and magnetic versions of themselves when it comes to wealth, sensuality, and spirit. 

I live to set an example of true abundance. The kind that flows from within your soul (and pussy) into every aspect of your life, work, and being.

The kind that illuminates the world.

The kind that amplifies goodness and heals old programming. The kind that is okay with setting ego to the side for the greater good of all. The kind that knows every aspect of our experience here is important – the depth of the soul, the intensity of the human experience, and all the material and energetic pleasures life has to offer.

True abundance, that leaves nothing or anyone behind. The kind that exists within you despite your external circumstance. The kind that inspires you to keep growing, just for fun, just for play, and to see what you could do with the precious time you have here.

My approach is multidimensional.

My work is so profound because I penetrate the layers from your cosmic soul through to your human nature.

To enliven the experience of multifaceted wealth, experiencing deep pleasure, fulfilment, trust, and certainty in all of who you are.

I’m a healer, a guide, an activator, an expander. I fuse together life changing modalities and practical knowledge with the magic of your ethereal edge, seeing your fractal image in its purest essence.

My vision is to awaken a self wonderment, an overflowing sense of safety and abundance, a trust connection with all that we are.

I am not an anomaly. I CHOSE to be here, and do this work in the world – and I have a really good feeling that you are choosing that too.