Healing your relationship with money is only the beginning.

Next, it’s about completely energetically and tangibly evolving what it means to have money, earn money, and step into wealth.

Transcending what you believe is possible for yourself, and elevating the financial set point generations before you have settled for.

Infinitely expanding your capacity for wealth and abundance.

Introducing… Abundant Babes: The Money Program.

...is an 8 module evolutionary program for the woman who desires to step out of need and into wealth.

Next Round: November 3rd 2019

We will have a live module call in our high-vibe as f$%k exclusive Facebook group every other day over a 4 week starting November 3rd. The group will also remain open for 4 weeks post-program.

Hi gorgeous woman, I'm Viola.

Like you, I’ve always desired money – not that I’d admit that out loud in front of just anyone. It was this odd polarity of wanting it so bad, but being ridden with guilt because of how money and wealth is perceived by the majority of society.

Just a few years ago as I was sitting in my car crying because I couldn’t quite comprehend how bad my financial situation had gotten (I’m talking six-figures+ in debt and making less than $100 per week). I’d bring myself back by visualising the day I would show others how to transform their beliefs around money. How to transcend what they believe possible for themselves.

After now having built a solid six-figure income doing what I love and impacting people in the most amazing ways, I’ve come to understand money and wealth in a whole new way, and how to continually expand in wealth and abundance. Which is why I am so excited to bring to you – Abundant Babes: The Money Program. 

To not only heal your money story from the past, but infinitely evolve past your own potentiality.

See you on the inside,
V xox

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