Healing your relationship with money is only the beginning.

Next, it’s about completely energetically and tangibly evolving what it means to have money, earn money, and step into wealth.

Transcending what you believe is possible for yourself, and elevating the financial set point generations before you have settled for.

Infinitely expanding your capacity for wealth and abundance.

Introducing… Abundant Babes: The Money Program.

“Simply put, it is THE best money program.” – Sarah, CA

Previous rounds of ABM were the BOMB! Just to name a few of the exciting things that happened:
🌀22k payments from clients in the 3 weeks
🌀First 10k month and sustained it since signing up to ABM
🌀Finding $100 in an old Christmas card
🌀Manifesting an extra 2k
🌀Becoming debt free
🌀Completely re-writing money patterns
🌀And so many more powerful transformations!

...is an evolutionary program for the woman who desires to step out of need and into wealth.

Next Round: TBA

We will have a mixture of live calls & additional content in our high-vibe as f$%k exclusive Facebook group every few days over 4 weeks starting January 27th. The group will also remain open for further integration & replays 4 weeks post-program.

“This woman lit up my life with truth bombs like there was no tomorrow!!! My relationship with money was totally transformed!” – A, NZ

Hi gorgeous woman, I'm Viola.

Like you, I’ve always desired money – not that I’d admit that out loud in front of just anyone. It was this odd polarity of wanting it so bad, but being ridden with guilt because of how money and wealth is perceived by the majority of society.

Just a few years ago as I was sitting in my car crying because I couldn’t quite comprehend how bad my financial situation had gotten (I’m talking six-figures+ in debt and making less than $100 per week). I’d bring myself back by visualising the day I would show others how to transform their beliefs around money. How to transcend what they believe possible for themselves.

After now having built a solid multiple six-figure income doing what I love and impacting people in the most amazing ways, I’ve come to understand money and wealth in a whole new way, and how to continually expand in wealth and abundance. It also does not surprise me one bit, the month I launched this program for the first time, I over doubled my income practicing what I preach in this program! Which is why I am so excited to bring to you – Abundant Babes: The Money Program. 

To not only heal your money story from the past, but infinitely evolve past your own potentiality.

See you on the inside,
V xox

ABM is available as a self-study program now for 1333 USD

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VIP includes an amazing additional group coaching call during the program

1x 1555 USD    |    5x 333 USD

When enrolling in this program you acknowledge you have read the website T&C‘s. By checking out with a payment plan option you acknowledge the payment plan is due in full and is to be completed whether or not you complete the program, as stated in the T&C‘s segment of this website. The payment plan is only offered as a gesture to support you in joining now, not as a “pay while you stay” option.

Shifts for previous ABM clients...

Viola’s The Money Program completely transformed and shifted my mindset around receiving money. Her energy is infectious. The way she teaches and guides you through this program is simply perfection. My relationship with money is healed and I feel more abundant then I ever have in my life. I receive every day and I am so grateful for this awakening experience. I highly recommend this program to EVERYONE. Simply put, it is THE best money program.
Sarah, CA
Viola is an incredible teacher if you are wanting to expand your capacity for wealth. Her programs are the perfect combo of her personal experience (which is always fun and amazing to hear), spirituality/energy work and practical strategy. I love simply being in her energy and the way I feel like I have to integrate instead of just listening to the information when in her precense.
Rachel, AU
Yogi + Coach
I like to shout out Viola Hug for the most amazing and life transforming program I’ve ever participated in. Viola’s The Money Program is absolutely uplifting and expands our minds in ways we wouldn’t have dreamt about. My relationship with money has changed forever to a loving and empowering connection. Never again I’ll look at money the same way. She holds space for us to step into the abundance vortex and once we got there blessings over blessings appeared for us all. Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much Viola for creating such a fun and profoundly valuable program.
Wellness Coach
Having a financial background I walked into the course thinking ‘I’ve got a pretty good relationship with money but there’s always deeper levels right?!’ And boy was I triggered, rocked and changed for life. This woman lit up my life with truth bombs like there was no tomorrow!!! My relationship with money was totally transformed - If it’s something you’re considering doing I whole heartedly recommend you take the plunge & sign up, you won’t regret it! Xx
Are you worried how to pay your bills or how to afford your next holidays? Do you wish for more money but don’t know how to get more? Well let me tell you that was ME for most of my adult life. It got worse as the family grew and after my husband died. I always worried about money. Don’t get me wrong I always had money to pay the bills and money to afford a holiday BUT I never felt I had enough money. I attended a coaching program called ‘Abundant Babes The Money Program’ by Viola Hug-Taylor and over the period of 3 weeks my entire relationship to money and abundance has changed. Wow. Freaking awesome. Absolutely mind blowing. Viola taught us with such passion, wisdom and through own experiences in the most hilariously fun way the key aspects of how to feel more abundant and receive more money. She calls it the abundance vortex and all of the participants received more money during the course. It is mind blowing to see what’s possible and how to get to attract more money effortlessly. It’s epic and you will laugh a lot and cry tears of happiness. If you need more money check out her page and the money program. It’s life changing. I highly recommend it.
Wellness coach
I am so grateful that I signed up for this program. It changed me. When I remember ME before the program, and I look at ME now, it's a different person, in the most beautiful way. I now understand how to bring both money and abundance into my life. There were so many "a ha" moments. How I viewed money before is nothing like the way I view money now. Thank you, thank you Viola! I am so glad I was a part of it!
Karen, CA
Viola is wonderful to work with! She fun, supportive, and so so wise. I have worked with her on two occasions and would definitely work with her again. I absolutely experience up- level each time I participate in her programs. I love what she’s about!
Vanessa, US
ABM was freaking epic. This was my second round and the first one was very interesting to me as I was introduced to money being a form of energy for the first time and I needed to let go of some old beliefs to understand and integrate this. By the second round I was primed and ready to reveal more layers of my money blue print - which ABM of course delivered!! Viola teaches from integrity, and brings the most epic band of women together. ABM is truly a sensational course. Xxx
You guys. I have had the most epic time lately. I've been working so much on myself and just becoming the best version of me I can be. None of this would be possible without the help of this incredible human. Viola Hug-Taylor I've done a few programs with her now. All I can say is damn. This woman has radically improved my view of all things. I have an abundance mindset. I'm no longer in my own scarcity. I AM ABUNDANT I am able to receive compliments without being awkward. I am stepping out into my own online business. Something 2 years ago terrified me and made me want to throw up. There are so many things I see shifting for me. And I am beyond grateful to have had this woman teach me all the things. 💜🧡 Ps if you like podcasts she has a great one. 😉
Laura, CA
Card making business
Abundance: plentifulness of the good things in life; prosperity. Taking Viola Hug-Taylor’s Abundant Babes Money Program has helped change my relationship with money on a cellular level. Since taking this program, I have changed my outlook on abundance, and most importantly, learned to respect my money. I love Viola’s energy and her energy is contagious. Viola has the magic touch in explaining things in its simplistic terms!
Becca, USA