Ready to step into the Portal to 10k?!

Portal to 10k is an energetic activation to align you with 10k and beyond – it includes a video, integration guide, meditation, processes, and self work (and a couple of fun bonuses). During the experience you move through 3 distinct phases of it takes to elevate your money vibes and tap into your 5D boujee self: 

🌀 Wealth Ascension + expansion
🌀 Calibration + DNA coding
🌀 Shadow alchemy of any limitations 

It’s deep and powerful and is fully self paced (hosted on my website via an exclusive portal), so you can access it immediately and repeat it over and over as much as you like! 






Here are some things being said from the dozens of women who are in the Portal to 10k:

  • “Started re listening to Portal 2 10k today and ended up having a 3k day today 🥰 effortlessly for course 💯”
  • “I’m honestly so shocked how much value is in this for the amount you charged… thank you so much xxx”
  • “The first session I saw MYSELF?! and I’m buzzing out… I am feeling 10k – that’s the only way to describe it. Then what happens? I’m walking to work and see a sign “10,000kg allowed” (it was a bridge). Then I decide to message my lad and say “I feel like we are aligned with 10k”. Then what happens? HE GETS A 10K PAYRISE! Thanks universe… thanks Viola babeh. I can’t wait to see what else happens through this work!!”
  • “I just had a 5k day 😂😍 needed to celebrate and you were the first person I thought of 😆✨”
  • “…Got an etransfer for $4,800… hairflick Day in the life of a $10k+ earner!”
  • “The crazy thing has been the manifestations in other areas of my life that keep coming including one of my hubby’s businesses winning 10,000 in advertising credit around the time I started the aura expansion meditation from the Portal to 10k. That same business has been busier by the week even in pandemic times which blows my mind!”

After purchasing p10k you’ll receive the access info from Viola within 24-48 hours. If you wanna speed the process up, send Viola a DM on social media, she’d love to know you purchased it!

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