Oh HEYYYY future author!

Let me guess, this has been a long time coming.

You’ve always known you will write a book and become and AUTHOR (like omg a real life author).

And this, is the sign you needed.

I already know an aligned AF book [that will elevate your growth, in all ways] is within you, and I created Channel your inner Author so you can step into this new version of yourself, write a book that makes you so damn proud, and self-publish – all in the span of just 2 months.

Hi, I'm Viola flipping Hug, and I wrote and published my first book in just over 2 months.

I had always had the potential within me, and what finally lit the fire in my soul to get it done was having a coach point me in the right direction and show me how accessible it really was. And that’s what I want to do for you.

The process of diving deep into my soul, getting to know myself in such a new way, and channeling words that expressed my soul and emotions was one of the biggest up-level experiences of my life.

However the impact I have been able to create from this process is invaluable.

I’ve had messages from women who’s eyes opened to new ways of thinking, people healing old wounds, thanking me for creating this book.

I’ve had new clients hiring me and joining my programs, and requests to join my group, and other social media growth.

For possibly the first time, I see myself from the eyes of others, I know my inner wide-eyed child is so proud, and I am so incredibly grateful for everything that I have created.

Not to mention, in the two months I wrote my book, I had earned more than I used to earn most years (talk about good vibes)!

And I want the same for you.

I spent hours trying to discover how to turn my life and my mission into a book. It took a lot of support and self-discovery to know what to say and how to say it. I spent a countless amount of time researching the ins and outs of a good book, how to self-publish and hit #1, how to create an aligned launch, and make the book have the influence to elevate your brand, impact, and self.

I created Channel your inner author so you can up your game, learn how to write a book that will position you as a leader & grow your business, elevate your brand, and become a published author.

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Who it's not for:

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Ready to become an author?

This program is extremely high value and a powerful place to learn, grow, and become an elevated version of yourself.

I am so ready to guide you on this process, I just need your 111% all in commitment.

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