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Welcome gorgeous, I’ve been expecting you.

where power meets pleasure, spirit + ease

You’re a fucking badass made of magic, and you know it, don’t you?! You’ve created enough in your life to know your own magnificence, success, potential, purpose, and you’re in it for life.

You desire growth. You desire soul expansion. You desire to know what else is possible for you to experience, and although you’re dead serious about your vision, it feels a little more playful now. Like, let’s totally fuck shit up and rebel against any and all conditioning that made me believe I needed to be a certain way to have success. That conditions the world there is only one way. That says all things come with sacrifice.

Fuck that.

How about growing your wealth and impact, while working less. How about sinking deeper into your human experience and awakening the powers that we’ve been made to feel shame around. How about being bolder, brighter, sexier, turned the fuck on about life. How about feeling such a deep sense of purpose, power, and meaning that you magnetize a ridiculous amount of money, success, clients, joy, pleasure, playfulness just for living life in the most joyful and expansive way.

Well duh, yes I’ll have me some of that with a cherry on top please.
Universe says: Yes bitch, here you go.
Enter: me.

I was born to be an activator and expander and I’m living proof life gets to continue to be even juicer, abundance filled, and chill at the same time. I use my psychic gifts to tap into your spirit team and activate your connection to serving the world through the 5D. I tune into your human design blueprint, and hold space for your highest self expansive potential. We explore the depths of your sensuality and sexuality to heal, transmute and awaken the most magical aspects of your humaness. I sense where alignment, tweaking, healing, activation, embodiment, transcendence (and more) is possible. I work with you to create embodiment and connection with your soul self, through being a mirror, activator, and expander.

Listen, I know the only reason you’re here reading this long as channeled webpage is because you know I’m your next expander – so let’s go! 

I typically work with high-level women who make around $5k-$10k+/month, desire to make high six-figures+ yearly, and are ready for a super activating investment. 

Coaching together is for you if…

Coaching together isn’t for you if…

(But who are we kidding, you’re obviously here because this is so hashtag-aligned ꩜).

If you’re looking for a unique a personalised coaching experience, this is it. Through my integration of working with your soul on a soul consciousness level, my intuitive connection, and human design, embodiment practices we channel through and work your unique success blueprint and tap into expansive possibilities. #NoCookieCutterMethodHere.

I’m Viola, but you can call me V. I am a sexy intuitive, led by my soul, tapped into the abundant universe, magical human powerhouse of a coach for equally as wonderful spiritual leaders, like you.

In just over two years I built a quarter of a million dollar coaching business and wrote an Amazon best-seller book in an aligned, playful, and seemingly effortless way, after having “tried” to succeed as an entrepreneur previously, and ending up with over six-figures of debt. I’ve found a more expanded version of abundance and true soul fulfilment and I continue to be massively compensated for being of service to the world, as spirit guides me and I use my pussy magic as a compass. When I get asked “How did it all change?” – three core aspects come to mind. I followed my intuition and was tapped into spirit at all times. I placed priority on my energetic alignment – human design, masculine/feminine energy, plus pleasure emotional, communication, and more. And finally, I just did whatever the fuck I actually wanted to do. Which is what I call, tapping into your unique success blueprint, and I hold space for my clients to be activated in theirs also.

It’s a special kind of magic when you mix soul consciousness with womb wisdom.

And I know for certain, I am here to hold a standard of higher self consciousness and reflect back magic for the visionary, tapped in, powerful women with purpose who desire to continuously grow, making a heart-centred impact, and know all of their wild dreams are inevitable. 

Get to know me through 3 Reels – My wild woman vibes, my spiritual connection, and my sensual expression.

“Viola is utter magic and having her in my corner has made the world of difference!”

“Being in Viola’s energy is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. This woman is MAGIC. She is intelligent, she is brave, she has stories of her struggle that will cause you to stand in awe of her… Her journey is the most inspiring part. Viola COMMITS to her clients. I can FEEL her energy pouring into my goals and dreams, and through discussion with her one realizes it’s no accident. This woman EMBODIES what it means to be a successful spiritual entrepreneur.”

“She is the most genuine, high-vibe person I have ever worked with, and the love she has for her clients is so real and transformative.”

“I’m beyond grateful, you make my gratitude list every day”

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soul clients hire me so they expand beyond their next level in through spirit, sex and money.

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Spiritual connection

Emotional intelligence

Energetic alignment 


Releasing shame and heaviness





You ready? Of course you are.

If you’re ready for next level magic, message me!

I typically do not offer consultations calls, my clients find me, connect with me, and know I’m their coach. I do however love to send text and voice messages to discuss if you’re a fit and answer any questions you may have! xo

You have full-time access to my energy, support and coaching via voice and text messaging, access to up to one 60 minute call per week, and VIP access to my group programs that are aligned with you during our coaching together.

But more than what we “do” it’s who you get to be in this space. I see you at your higher self and allow you the space to consistently tap into your next level version, and in turn experience the powerful impact of that.

All coaching can be paid in full, or on a payment plan.

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I am SO excited to work together xo

**Prices will soon (Sept 2020) be up-leveling**

“I used to feel like I didn’t need any kind of help from anyone, I could do it all on my own and I was going to be a self-made success. 

We all do have everything we need within us to have and do whatever we desire. When working with a coach though, our desires will come to fruition a lot faster. and when we work in collaboration, itis always more fun.

When working with a coach, time collapses. 

I first met Viola when I was living in NZ in 2015, I have stayed in touched and followed her story and over the last couple of years I saw her doing all of the things that I wanted to do, starting a podcast, writing a book, running incredible programs and coaching woman around the world. 

When you work with a coach, you step into their energy. You get all of the lessons and insights from their experiences, transformations and learnings. 

You also get a mirror, to playback your actions and words and to highlight gaps between what you say you want and what you are doing. They will highlight beliefs that are limiting you or keeping you stuck, they will be supportive when you have a set-back and work with you to move you forward while cheering and celebrating every step along the way. 

In almost 3 months I have created a podcast with weekly episodes, stepped back into a coaching role, wrote and published a book and the biggest thing has been the accumulation of thing shifts in my thinking and energy that has put me in the space of my business being an extension of my soul. – this is stuff that was in my 2-year plan before working with a high-level coach. 

It is always the tiny millimetre shifts that change the trajectory of our lives, with the time collapsing energy that is inevitable when working with a coach, we will always move towards what we want sooner than we think possible.

I love the expansive energy of Viola, she works with a coach as well because she walks her talk in the value having a coach can bring to our life.

More testimonials here.

More testimonials here