Consciously aligned products

I personally would only ever use the best. And I look at more than just the basic aspects of products. I look into it all, I research everything extensively, and I am proud to partner with and recommend the products and brands below. I believe in them with my whole heart ♡

Let me take you back to a moment almost 13 years ago. It was a Sunday, pouring down with rain, and I had just spent the morning with my mum and two younger sisters. Just after midday my sisters and I sat down to watch a movie – the Incredibles – great movie, who’s seen it? A few moments later my life would change forever. Unknowingly what was awaiting me was one of the most defining moments of my life. One of the moments that pulled forth my passions and ignited fire in my soul. In that moment, I heard my moms voice yell down from the top of the stairs “Dad’s dead”.

That Sunday afternoon I learnt what it was like to lose someone you love. I realised how important health is. And I decided it was a part of my life mission to fully understand how to keep our human vessel as healthy and vibrant as possible, so we can enjoy the company of those we love for as long as possible.

And on top of that, I have come to realize that part of vibrant HEALTH, and LIFE, is to actually ENJOY it all.

This means at the core of ALL of my research I am looking for what I can do to keep myself and the ones I love as healthy and happy as possible, and I feel it is part of my duty to share that with the world.

The products I have consciously partnered are designed to help you live your most radiant and joyful life.

Nutritional partner

In my 10+ years working in health, I have come to realize the importance of nutritional supplements. I quickly learnt not all products are created equal due to the poorly regulated laws around the manufacturing of nutritional products. Divine guidance led me to the company I have chosen to partner with in 2012, and I have yet to find a product I trust more. They are manufactured to pharmaceutical standards in an FDA registered facility, and are science-based cellular nutrition products. This company is the only supplement brand I would trust, use, or recommend.

Products for energy

My top products for energy include CellSentials multi-vitamin and mineral supplements for internal energy production. If I ever need a little boost, Rev3 Surge tea is my go-to.