You are ready to hold more...

wealth, pleasure, spaciousness, joy, impact

Your soul holds its own unique wealth codes for you to experience all of it in increasing quantity and quality. 

These codes are the essence of your soul channeled through into the physicality of your body. Working with both the body and soul allows us to be a personified match for all we desire to hold and experience.

Our body holds codes, but their expression is limited based on our capacity for them. As we work with our bodies memories and codes, it feels safe to experience more.

We’ve been given individual roadmaps, like human design & gene keys, that allow us to hold the duality of what brings us to our next levels – shadow and gift.

Understanding these in our mind is one thing, but embodying them deeply and expressing them into the world is what creates the shift in our reality.

Become your own version of personified wealth.

One that honors both the human and the soul...

The living breathing version of pure abundance, pleasure, and wealth that uniquely exists within you – so desiring the opportunity to be unleashed.

Through this experience, I will be giving you the tools to support your nervous system, heal the old patterns around wealth, money and pleasure, through gene keys and human design, breathwork, movement, and a channeled practice to access your own unique wealth codes. 

Cosmic Wealth Personified is deeply nurturing and you will receive activations from me personally, and it is best for the self-led woman, who is excited and ready to prioritize your practice throughout this. You will feel held and supported not only during the experience but have the practices to support yourself after your integration.

Every code that I share with you will include human design, gene keys aspect and/or a physical embodiment practice that we will be doing together as a group, with the addition of a daily practice for accessing your unique codes on a spiritual level.

We will be solidifying these practices into your life, so that you are going to be able to continue to deepen and integrate into this work moving forward – through the new year.

You will be mastering and understanding your own energetic frequency at a whole new level…

These practices are five to ten minutes a day, and accessible to anyone who is desiring this level of work. 

I want to make this process easeful yet potent every single day. I want this to feel like a delicious ritual for you, and your soul every day over our exploration. 

The practices I teach you can be extended into longer practices depending on how deeply you want to go into this. 

These are simple practices, but with such divine codes.

This experience is going to be magic. 

The codes I will be sharing in this container have never been shared before, and will create massive shifts in your life around pleasure, wealth, and embodiment. 

I am so excited to guide you in this container. 

The Experience…

The Practices, Topics, and Codes we will be embodying are…

༚ ༛ 𓁿 ༛ ༚

Cosmic Wealth Personified the embodiment experience to increase your capacity for holding more, by integrating the human and soul with your individual gene keys + human design codes.
To be fully personified in your wealth blueprint.
This program is like no other, prepare for deep cellular shifts, healing, and expansion.
Next round: Q1 2022