How to make money doing what you love

Let’s talk about how to monetize your passions and make money doing what you love!

The fact we live in the 21st century means we are living in a time that offers us unlimited opportunity. We can turn any passion we have into an income stream. This excited me SO much because it means more people doing what they love, those people are happier, they give off more happy and loving vibes into our world, and that just makes everything better. You can make money doing anything, it’s not your job to decide whether or not it’s realistic. It’s your job to decide whether or not you want it. The universe will catch up and rearrange things in your favour.

To reach that level of happiness and fulfillment your soul craves, let’s talk about who to get you into the vibe of your Highest Self Embodiment. Looking at this circle chart, when all four circles work in harmony we achieve this state. To discover how to get you there, I recommend starting with the top circle.

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What do you love?

Get out our notebook, create four columns. The first column is what you love, start here and just free-write anything that comes to mind that you absolutely LOVE doing, talking about, or being a part of. This will be the basis to discovering where to start in understanding how to monetize your passions.

In the next 3 columns next to your love column, write down next to everyone one of your ideas, which ones you’re good at, which ones the world needs (i.e. helps others, and which ones you can (knowingly). get paid for. We will cover the forth column (the money honey) more in the next segments – cause remember what I said, they ALL can be monetized.

Pay special attention to any of the things you love that you’re also good at and the world needs. Keep in mind if you REALLY love something, but it involves things you’re not good at – you can learn almost anything, and delegate the rest #winning.


Next brainstorm all of the different avenues that you could possibly move into to doing more of what you love. This could include, but is not limited to, creating products, offering services, instructing, influencer marketing, partnering with various opportunities that allow you to learn, grow and create income to redirect into your passions, and sooo many more.


There are infinite ways to get paid in our world today. Go through each one of your passions and see which of the following ways you could monetize it, either directly or indirectly

  • Selling a product: whether it’s your own product, or a partner product, in a physical store, online, or drop shipping methods.
  • Share knowledge: thought writing, audio, or videos, this avenue has so many different ways to monetize. This offers many ways to earn through things like sponsorship,s affiliate links, subscribers, influencer, reviews, documenting, and/or hosting events.
  • Partnerships that offer avenues for personal growth, income, and support opportunities for you to learn and infuse into your passions, like those found in the direct selling, affiliate, and network marketing industries.
  • Offering a service, online or in person, from consulting, coaching, mentoring, or instructing where you can charge per hour, session, or by offering ongoing packages or group programs.
  • Investments in businesses, products, start-ups, property or other matters, that allow an income stream to fuel into your other passions.
  • Think outside of the box, or invent something that someone needs, or can make a current service or product easier for consumers.

This list should get you started on some legitimate and fun ways to start turning your passion into cash-moneyyyyy!

Remember, the more soulful and heart-centred people like you and I are having monetary success in this world, the more of an influence we will have on the kind of world we want to live in – how cool is that! *High 5*

As you’re designing your business ideas, remember it doesn’t have to be perfect to get started (because, ahem, news flash – it never will be perfect). You just have to take that leap and start doing something, anything, and it will get the momentum rolling. The universe loves speed and decisive action, so if there is something you want to manifest, act on that inspiration – now!

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For more information and ideas on different ways to make it all happen, make sure to download my free Visionary Toolkit: How to Monetize your Passions, and 3 steps to a website that manifests soul clients.

Viola Hug

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