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Viola Hug is an intuitive coach, mentor, author, podcaster, and the creator of the Abundant Babes brand. She coaches women on business, wealth, spirituality, and mindset, and how those things utilised together allow you to have it all in life.

Viola and her husband are digital nomads, meaning they travel the world while building and growing their multiple-six-figure business online. She runs live online programs, high level masterminds, and for those who want it all, she also takes on one-on-one clients. She hosts a successful podcast called Abundant Babes, and is the author of the Amazon Best Seller “You are an Abundant Babe.” 

Viola is fun, unique, and passionate, making her a captivating speaker, and her energy and words are often the catalyst for her followers and clients to take complete ownership of their life, believe in themselves, and create a reality that blows the mind of even their wildest dreams!

Viola Hug is an Intuitive Business Coach + Mentor for visionaries, host of the “Abundant Babes: a podcast for the visionary” podcast, and the author of the book “You are an Abundant Babe”. She lives a digital nomad lifestyle, traveling around the world, working with clients to create fulfilling and scaleable success in their life and soul business, and empowering woman everywhere to know that they have what it takes to achieve all of their wildest dreams.

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Speaking + Events

Viola is an educational and motivational speaker. Her message has helped audiences across New Zealand, Canada, Australia and more, to believe in themselves, live vibrant lives, and give them the internal tools and external know-how to actually make it all happen – whatever their dream may be.

Her events are empowering, entertaining, educational, and uplifting, inspiring the audience to take action and turn their health, wealth or core desired goals into reality.

Viola uses real-life stories, metaphors, applicable advice and intuitive guidance while speaking, sharing from a vulnerable and authentic place that allows the audience to truly open up and grow. Participants walk away not only feeling inspired, but clutching a notebook full of “aha” moments and real-world action take-home messages to up-level their lives.

Viola has a deep understanding and passion for sharing on topics including: wealth and money mindset, abundance, setting up + scaling soul businesses, marketing, aligning with and creating your vision, self belief, all things involving growth mindset, positivity, holistic and optimal living – anything regarding, tapping into your intuition, money mindset, quantum leaping, understanding ourselves – integrating spirituality, tangible strategy, mindset, Human Design Type, and Astrology, self-love, and more related topics – live or online.

As a well respected leader in the online & social media based business, wealth & abundance, and personal development industries, Viola has spoken at numerous online and live events both in her home-country NZ, as well as globally. She is available for bookings for keynote presentations, workshops, Q&A style live events, festivals, conferences, educational talks in schools, intimate gatherings and expos.

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