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Thank you for your interest in being featured on the Abundant Babes podcast! This podcast is a high vibe AF podcast for ambitious women who desire to have it all in life. We cover a myriad of content around creating success in all areas of life, while also focusing on entrepreneurship and designing your life. All conversation is open, unedited, and raw, usually with a humorous flare. Episodes can be extremely spiritual and energetic focused, or more strategic. As long as we vibe and we add value to my most favourite people (the listeners) we’re gonna hit it off! If you feel you would be a fit for the podcast, feel free to fill out the application below. Note, although we are an explicit podcast we value sobriety so subjects promoting any mind-altering substances may not be a fit 🙂

Once your application has been sent through it will be reviewed by our collaborations manager and if and when you or your subject-of-interest are a fit, we will respond. Due to the volume of applications, we cannot respond to every application. Thank you for understanding 🙂

Please note the Abundant Babes Podcast is currently fully booked. If you send in an application it will be reviewed when spaces open towards the end of 2020 xx

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